Muthore is a  very healthy  and tasty evening snack liked by every body.There are many methods of preparation of this snack. One such method is Benne or Butter Muthore;

STEP[1];-[1];- Main ingredients required are given below;-

[a];-Rice flour;-600 gms;

[b];-Bengal gram flour[channa flour];-200 gms;

[c];-Butter;-Three  table spoons ;;

[d];-Hing;-1/2 a teaspoon;

[e];-Salt to taste;

[f];- Any veg. oil for deep frying;-Half a litre;

[g];-Muthore maker with three starred attachment;

STEP;-[2];- Method of preparation;-

Take a wide mouthed bowl;Mix rice flour and bengal gram flour together.Add butter ,hing , required amount of salt to this mixture.and mix well. Now add sufficient quantity of water to make soft dough.

Put veg. oil for frying and heat it in a medium flame.Now take the mould  with three starred attachment ;Take a small amount of dough and place it inside the maker.Now place  the other mould which is used to press the dough.By holding the twomsides on  the top  of the mould, press the dough ,directly on the top of the frying oil,rotating in a round shape.and deep fry till it becomes golden brown. Take out the fried muthore and transefer to a steel bowl,with paper towels to  be dried. Prepare all the muthores in the same manner  and after they are completely dried, keep them in a closed lid container . Now crispy, tasty and yummy butter muthore is ready to eat.This snack can  also be prepared during any festive seasons like Deepavali,Srikrishna jayanthi; Navarathri festival etc.



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Seven Cups Cake


  • Gram flour;200 gms/1 cup
  • Ghee/Processed Butter;200 gms/1 cup
  • Wet Coconut gratings;200 gms/1 cup
  • Milk;200 gms/1 cup
  • Sugar;200 gms/1 cup
  • Cardamom powder;-1/2 a teaspoon;

Method of Preparation

Melt a cup of ghee in a heavy bottomed sauce pan on a medium flame. Add Gram flour,Coconut gratings, sugar, milk and go on stirring till the mixture becomes  semi solid.  Add cardamom powder to this boiling mixture.Continue stirrin until the mixture loosens its stickyness. Turn off the gas and transfer the mixture into a greased tray.Allow it to spread into the whole tray. When it is still hot cut the cake into diamond shape or square shape and allow it to cool.After the cake gets cooled ,  serve and ENJOY



This sweet  a special one which i tried at home about one month back and which came out very well . Now  i want to prepare this sweet  for this year Deepavali festivalalso.

The main ingredients for the preparation are as follows;-

>[a];- Condensed milk or Milk maid [available in Tins in all Indian stores ]

 >[b];-Cocoa powder;-two table spoons

>[c];-Sugar;-200gms or according to taste


>[e];-Dry coconut powder;-two tablespoon

>[f]Dry fruits like pista, badam,  [all 10-12 in numbers]cut into small pieces and dry grapes[12]

>[g];-cardamom powder;-one teaspoon;

>[e];-Kesari or saffron;- 7-8 petals or colour 1/4 teaspoon.

>[f];-Cardamom powder;-1/4 teaspoon

>[g];-water;-one cup to dissolve sugar.

>[h];-Dry fruits mixture  like pista, badam , cashewnuts [cut pieces] and drygrapes;-2-3 tablespoons.


Take a non-stick pan and heat in a low flame. Add half a cup of water and sugar. Allow sugar to dissolve completely. Now remove the contents from the milk maid tin and pour entire milkmaid into the boiling syrup and add cocoa powder about two tablespoons to this mixture,Go on stirring with a wooden stick . Now add butter about four hundred gms. and go on  stirring continuousely, till the mixture becomes golden brown.In the meanwhile fry cut pieces of dry fruits along with dry grapes till they become light brown. See that they are not over fried.Add this to the cooking mixture  and mix well.When the mixture, starts leaving the corners , take it out and transefer to a  greased  tray[Apply butter or ghee to the entire  tray ]. When the mixture is still hot cut into squares or rectangle or any other design you want.Allow it to cool and store the pieces in a  tight mouthed   container This sweet is really very tasty



DEEPAVALI IS THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS This festival comes only once in a year.It can be a lot more fun provided we can give it to a festive spirit.That is why, we go out of our way to make it memorable. We will be thinking of preparing many  types of sweets  to distribute among our friends and relatives, on the day of the festivalas with whom  we all want to share our joy and happiness.This festival was started from the  day, Lord Srikrishna killed the demon kin gNarakaasura, who were troubling innocent people.They prayed Lord to protect them from the hands of this demon king ”NARAKA” . Litterally speaking  Naraka  means underworld  darkness. Lord srikrishna wiped out this darkness and saved the lives of all  who had a great devotion and faith in ”HIM” But before he died in the hands of Lord , the demon king asked the Lord to grant him a wish that this day should be celebrated in his name That is why it is called as Naraka chaturdhashi.He attained ”MOKSHA”[salvation],as he died in the hands of Lord.for this lord agreed.

The day comes on 14th day of krishna paksha  ,in the month of November.This day has been called as ‘Naraka chaturdhashi”  This year i have tried  a different sweet, on the  occasion of fesstival;-MILK CAKE OR MILK BURPHY, ;

The method of preparation of this cake is given below;-

Main ingredients required to make this cake are;-

>[A];-Condensed milk;-400 GMs[Milk maid which is available in food world and Indian stores. ]

>[B];-Butter;-400 gms.[unsalted]

>[C];- Dry fruits like Badam and pista cut into small pieces.


>[E];-Cardamom powder[Elaichi];-half a teaspoon full.

>[F];-Saffron or Kesari few petals to give extra flavour.

Method of preparation;-

Heat a non-stick pan in a low flame . Put one table spoon full of butter, and fry cut pieces of dry fruits,till they are done, but they should not be overfried.Transefer to a small bowl;In the same kadai,put condensed milk and sugar ; Go on stirring till sugar is dissolved.then add remaining  butter and fried dry fruits to it and  go on stirring till they become Halwa consistency. Now in half a cup of milk,dissolve petals of Kesari and add this to the cooking cake . See that the mixture should not be over fried and should not stick to the kadai. Remove from stove .In the meanwhile apply little butter to a steel plate and let it spread completely.This should be done prior to preparing cake.Now transefer whole mixture to this plate and slightly pat with the palm of your right hand,when it is still hot,by applying ghee or butter.Now cut this cake in the diamond shape or whatever the shape you like,and serve.ENJOY.



    Yellow gram or toordhal, we usually, use for making sambhars and Rasams, can also be used to make chutneys and to add to other ingredients for making Dosas, because  it contains lot of proteins, which is required for body buildup in human beings.


The main ingredients required  to prepare this chutney;-

>[a];-Toor dhal;-250 ml.;

>[b];-Dry coconut powder available in Indian stores;-250 ml. Or you can use fresh coconut gratings;

>[c];-Curry leaves;-10-15 leaves;

>[d];-Red chillies;-8-10;

>[e];- Hing;-2 pinches.

>[f];-Tamarind;- One lemon ball size;

>[g];-Ginger;-one inch piece.

>[h];- Salt as per required;

>[i];- Any vegetable oil;-Three table aspoon full;

>[j];-Jaggery powder;-one table spoon[optional]


 Preparation method;-

Heat a pan in medium flame and put  some oil  and fry toor dhal, curry leaves , chillies,, till fine aroma appears.Transefer to a steel bowl;

In a wet grinder add the above fried ingredients,and coconut powder, Tamarind, Hing , salt,and ginger and  grind the mixture to  make chutney, by adding enough water.This chutney should be thick.While serving you can add some water to make  little thinner. Serve this chutney with hot Dosas.


                                                                METHOD OF PREPARATION OF CABBAGE CHUNEY.

Cabbages are very good source of  vitamins, particularly, vitamin k,the blood clotting vitamin produced naturally by bacteria in the intestine.They contain vitamin -c, Amino acids;Folic acid;Glutaminic acid[for improvement of Mental conditions; fight against depression],They help in controlling weight reduction also.

   We can prepare many recipes with cabbages;like, cabbage Dosa, cabbage kootu,Cabbage pakodas.etc.Yesterday i had been to my brother’s house, to pay a visit, as he was preparing for a trip to Singapur and other places, with his wife ; I wished both of them ‘Bon Voyage’During my stay there, i had learnt how to make Cabbage Chutney, from his Mother-in-law, who is an expert in  cooking, and noted down  the main ingredients and the method of preparation of the same.After returning home i prepared Chutney, which had come out very well.

The main ingredients to make Cabbage chutney are;-

>[a];-Cabbage cut into small pieces;-500gms.

>[b];-coriander seeds;-one handfull;

>[c];-Urad dhal;-two tablespoons.

>[d] Fresh coconut gratings;–300ml.

>[e];-Red chillies;-4-5  or according to the taste

>[f];-Methi seeds;-one teaspoon;.

>[g];-Tamarind;-one lemon ball size;

>[h];-sugar;-one teaspoon;

>[i];-Hing;-one pinch.

Method of preparation of Chutney.;-

Heat a kadai in a medium flame and fry coriander seeds, methi seeds, Urad dhal, red chillies with a tablespoon of any veg. oil.and transefer to a bowl;

>In the same kadai, add one  table spoon of oil , add cabbage pieces,fry well till raw smell goes,and transefer to another bowl;

>To grind;-

    In a dry  grinder, put fried urad dhal, red chillies Coriander seeds , and methi seeds,grind to make powder coarsely,

Now in the wet grinder, put Tamarind, salt,, sugar, coconut gratings, hing  and fried cabbages, and prepared  powder,and grind to make chutney.See if the water is required.

 This chutney is very, very tasty, healthy,and goes well with Dosas, Idlis, puries, and chappattis.






step [one];-


[A];-Plain rice; parboild rice; and dosa rice[selam rice,which is available in India,]or[ even available in Indian stores];-each 200 ml.[1;1;1]

[B];-Black gram daal;-one cup

[C];-Methi seeds;-one table spoon

[D];-One handfull of poha;

[E];-Two hand full of puffed rice[KADALE PURI IN KANNADA]



Soak three types of rice in a bowl   in  water and urad daal  in  another bowl; separately.for two-three hours  and then grind  them  with poha and puffed rice ,into a fine batter adding enough water, in a wet grinder,[ rice and daal, separately;]and mix all of them together well,This should be done in the previous night itself.

In the next morning, before preparing Dosas,add one cup of thick curd  and one cup of plain rice flour to this batter .Add required ammount of salt powder, to the batter and mix swell.

>  Heat a non-stick pan or  dosa tawa in a medium flame ,and put some oil and  pour a ladle of the batter and then  spread it on the pan to a round shape [one cm. thick.],; Pour some oil arround Dosa , and when one side is done, turn it onto the otherside ,Take out from the pan and put this Dosa in a steel plate. PrepareDosas like this. While serving, in a plate put two dosas one top of the other,applying a teaspoonfull of ghee on each Dosa and serve with cabbage chutney chutney or coconut chutney.



                          METHOD OF PREPARATION OF AMBODE.

  This dish , is usually prepared as a side dish during marriages and Hindu festivals.This is very, very tasty.This  we prepare even for evening snack, that too, during rainy season, in the evening,especially.

     STEP [one];-   The main ingredients required  are;-

>[a].-Bengal gram ;–300 gms;[soaked for two hours, before preparing]

>[b];-Dry coconut powder, available in the Indian stores.

>[c];-Red chillies;-10-12;

>Mint leaves or dill leaves ;- cut into small pieces;-one bowl;

>Hing;-two pinches

>Ginger ;-1” piece..

>Onions;-two, cut into small pieces;

>Any vegetable oil for frying;-half a litre;

step [two];-


>In a wet grinder, put soaked bengal gram dhal,red chillies, coconut powder,and ginger,and grind them coarsely by  adding little water;Now transefer this batter, to a steel bowl.

>Cut onions into small pieces and keep them in a separate bowl;

>Cut mint or dill leaves[anyone of the leaves]] into small  portions,and keep them in a separate plate.

>Now add the onion pieces, mint leaves, hing,salt  to the already prepared batter,and mix well.

> If you want you can add one tablespoon full of Lemon juice, which  is optional,

> Heat a thick bottomed pan and pour half a litre of any vegetable oil,into it. Now when oil becomes hot, take a small portion of the batter on a plastic sheet and flatten it , by pressing it, using fingers to form  a round shape and put it in the oil, In the same way, put about 6-8 vades, and deepfry  till they become golden brown , and crispy.See that they are all well fried. Now transefer them carefully, in to a steel vessel with tissue paperinside,, to remove excess oil. Serve them hot with tomato kethup or coconut chutney.CRISPY , HEALTHY,AND  TASTY AMBODE IS READY TO EAT.

  NOTE;- These Ambodes, though fried in the oil are easily digestable, because of the ingredients added to the batter;i,e,;-Onions, Mint leaves, or Dill [sabudaan] leaves,;and ginger, which is very good for digestion


                                                            METHOD OF PREPARATION OF CABBAGE DOSA OR CABBAGE PANCAKE.

 When i was  California,America, in the year 2004 ,i came to know about this special type of Dosa variety, which my daughter,Neela, used to prepare  one of the  weekends.I found this dosa very tasty , healthy and easy to make After returning to Bangalore,where i live ,i tried this Dosa, many times and evrybody in my house liked  it very much,The ingrediants and the method of preparation is given below;-


   >Rice;-300 ml.

 >Cabbage cut into small pieces;-two cups;
>Ginger;-2” one piece grated.
>Green chillies;-3-4 ;
>Red chillies;-7-8
>Coriander seeds ;-two table spoons.
>Urad dhal;-one teaspoon.
>Tamarind;-one lemon ball size.
>Hing;-1/4 teaspoon.
>Coconut scrappings or powder[Availble in Indian stores or any food world];- one bowl.
>Curry leaves;-10-15 leaves cut into small pieces
>Onion;-2 cut into small pieces
Method of Preparation;-
>Soak rice in the previous night itself.
> In the next morning, take a kadai, and fry coriander seeds, urad dhal, red chillies, curry leaves and grind with coconut gratings,with enough water to make thick paste.
>Heat a Tawa, to make  Dosas,in a medium flame,and pour about