These  Field beans [ Avare kai, in kannada;Mochukottai in Tamil; Anapa kayalu, in Telugu];] as in the name itself, are grown in fields,in Villages, by farmers; in the months of December-January,in small plants.These farmers after they are well grown , pluck from the plants and sell them in the markets in towns and cities.

I];MAIN ngredients required to prepare ‘AVAREKAI VADA;-[Photo album. no.1]

[A];-Plain Rice flour;-500 gms [Available in any Indian stores]

[B];- Avarekai [field beans] seeds,well cooked and cooled to room temperature;500 gms.[Photo album no.3]

[C];–Coconut powder;-100 gms.;[available in Indian stores]

[D];-Butter;-150 gms;

[E];–Green chillies;-3-4; Red chillies;-3-4; Salt as per required;

[F];–Any veg. oil for deep frying[Sun flower oil and refined groundnut oil;;-1 Litre.]

[G];-Steel bowls one for   mixing  the above ingredients, and the other one to transfer vadas.

[H];-A steel ladle [big] with holes to take out fried vadas.from oil.[ These ladles normally are used at the time of making laddus.]


Cook seeds  well with enough water,in a steel vessel and allow them to cool. Keep the vessel aside. Now grind coconut along with red and green chillies in a wet grinder.

Take a steel bowl, and to this add ,butter salt , cooked seeds,[,separate  seeds from water ]Now after mixing all the ingredients, add water with which the seeds cooked. little by little,Mix well  and see that no lumps are formed. The dough should be smooth like chappathi  dough– consistency.Make lemon sized balls ,and flatten each balls on a plain sheet of plastic,as shown in the album no.2 above.,Heat oil in a pan and deep fry each vadas,till golden brown,and remove from oil and transfer to a steel container with tissues papers  inside to remove excess oil.After all the vadas are done,they should be  cooled.Then  store them  in an airthight container.


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