Recently  my husband brought a snack [Maddur vada] from  a hotel, he visited along with his friends.He found it very tasty , and crispy ,and just for a change he packed it for me and asked me to try to prepare at home. But no ingredients were printed on the  wrapper  of the packet.But  by simply assuming, what other  ingredients might    have been added to vada preparation, along with all purpose flour;[Usually these types of vadas are prepared  with all purpose flour,and sooji.]My next step was to prepare vadas., which i tried and to my utter  surprise it came out very well. I thought that i must  post my recipe to my blog.,which i am doing now. Actually it resembled  my previous vada recipe;-Field beans vada”[ see my post ,with recipe and album,published on 2012/02/04 in this blog].That is why i didn’t add to my album.  and the shape and size  was littlebit bigger than  that of mine.

Main Ingredients are;–

All purpose flour;–500 gms;

Rice flour;-  150 gms;

Chiroti rava;–150 gms;[we prepare chirotis during marriages]

Butter;–100 gms

Dry coconut powder;–100 gms;

Field beans[Avare kai seeds],in kannada; Mochu kottai in Tamil; ; cooked and cooled;-250 gms;         Roasted groundnuts;powdered in dry grinder[ coarsely]

Salt;- as per required; Hing two pinches.water as per reqired

Any veg .oil for frying., like  sun flower oil,or refined groundnut oil.

A steel bowl for making dough and another one for transefering vada from  hot oil,with tissue papers to remove excess oil;

Last but not least;–Red chilli powder;-Two- three table spoons or as per the taste.

Method;– Take a steel wide bowl Add all purpose flour; rice flour; salt redchilli powder,hing; To this add butter and mix well. Then add cooked  beans; groundnut powder;and dry coconut powder.Add enough water to make dough.Mix well and knead the dough well l on a flat surface untill it becomes soft.like chappatti consistency. Make a big lemon sized balls and flatten each balls on a plain sheet of plastic.

Heat oil in a pan or kadai,and  deep fry each flattened portions till they become golden brown.and transefer all the vada, in another bowl and after cooling store in an airtight container.


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