Just for a change i prepared  mixed veg. cutlet, today for snack. which is healthy, and very nutritious also.

Main Ingredients to make 15 cutlets are;-

[A];-potatoes;- 2-3;

[B[;-vegetables like green peas;beans;grated carrots;-four [ one cup full;];Three onions  cut into small pieces;-2;[1cup]Beatroot;-one, cut into small pieces or grated;

[C];-Wheat flour;-to make batter;

[D]];-ginger ;-one and 1/2” piece grated,;green chillies;-2-3 in numbers,cut into small pieces;;salt to taste;coriander leaves ;-1/2 a cup;

[E]];–cumin powder;-1 teaspoon; coriander powder;-one teaspoon;red chilli powder;- half a tea spoon full; Garam masala powder;one teaspoon;Turmeric powder;- half a rteaspoon;

[F]];–Bread crumbs powder ;–2 cups or as per required;

[G]];–Any veg. oil for frying;

[H];-Lemon juice;-one table spoon; cashew nuts;-7-8 cut into small pieces;

[I];-Tomato  sauce;-250 ml.

[J];–A white muslin cloth to tremove excess water from the cooked vegetables;

[K];–A pan for frying cutlets;

[L];-A steel wide mouthed vesel to transfer cutlets;

[G];–Cumin seeds and mustard seeds .;-one teaspoon each;

Method of preparation ;–Boil potatoes in a vessel;and after cooling, remove the outer skin and mash them,and keep the mashed potatoes aside; Now cook all the cut pieces of vegetables,by adding enough water;After they are well cooked, squeeze them to remove excess water,by using a white muslin cloth;Now mix mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables,,well. Add salt; garam masala powder; red chillipowder; 1-2 green chillies cut into small pieces, ;ginger pieces;cumin powder, coriander powder;and lemon juice.l.To this mixture add cashewnut pieces;and mixwell.

Heat a kadai,in a medium flame, put,3 tablespoonfull of  oil,put mustard seeds[1 teaspoon]; After it splutters,add turmeric powder,cumin seeds[1 teaspoon] ;grated ginger,and saute; Then add grated onions; carrots,grated beetroot; and saute for two minutes,Add  potato and mixed vegetables mixture ,, Mix well  and saute for few minutes.Sprinkle coriander leaves on this mixture and leave the mixture to cool ..

Take 2 measures of wheat flour ; make batter by adding enough water .This  batter should be  thick[Dosa consistency]

Take small quantity of this mixture and flatten it in between two palms, make oval shaped balls .Dip each ball in the batter,and press each ball one by one on breadcrumbs[Two sides].

Heat veg.oil in a pan and deep fry each prepared cutlets,till golden brown, and remove from the oil and serve hot cutlets with tomato sauce

I want to mention here, why it is called healthy cutlet,.

[a;- I have used wheatflour for batter, instead of all purpose flour, which we use normally  to make thick batter;

[b];-Cumin seeds,and cumin powder;coriander powder,and coriander leaves  for digestion purpose.Cashewnuts are also added.These cutlets are really healthy, tasty,snack.


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