Cucumber Chutney

In the first photo,[spices are not visible clearly;];-In the centre;-three table spoons of coriander seeds ;and black  til,on the top; tamarind ;jaggery and red chillies can be viewed;    [2];;–Cucumber cut into lengthwise,;ground paste;and mixed pulipachadi.


This side dish  is very tasty and healthwise, it is verygood.and easily digestable.due to its  ingredients.

Main ingredients are;–Cucumber;-one.

For grinding;–Coriander seeds;-3 tablespoons;

[b]Black gram dhal;-1 1/2 table spoon;[one and a half

[c];-Red chillies;–7-8

[d];-Black til;–1 table spoon;

[e];–Coconut gratings;–2-3 table spoons;

[f];–Tamarind;–One big lemon size;

[g];-Jaggery;–same amount as tamarind;

[h];-Hing;-1-2 pinches

Water to be added to grind;


Cut cucumber into very small pieces[kosumbery;-half a cm thick; and  one inch lengthwise and transefer  this to  a bowl;

Heat a kadai, in a medium flame ,and put  2 table spoons of  any veg oil and fry urad dhal[blackgram],redchillies,til[black] coriander seeds;  till aroma appears and dhal, fried .

In a mixie, after fried spices get cooled,   grind   with tamarind,and jaggery,and coconut gratings and hing ,  coarsely by adding half a cup of water and transefer to a small bowl;Now mix cucumber pieces and ground paste and serve with chappatti,poories; and rice;


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