“BOMBAI BONDA” with Tomato Ketchup

Bombai Bonda or mixed veg. Bonda, is a very tasty dish which  can be prepared as an evening snack. Often this dish serves as a “side-dish” In many occasions like marriage and festivals.

Main Ingredients:-

  1. Bengal gram flour;-[Available in Indian stores];-500 grms.;
  2. Rice flour;-2 table spoons;
  3. Required vegetables;-Aloo or potatoes;-2-3 cooked and smashed  ; Carrots;-3-4 ;Beet root;-1, Beans,cut into small pieces 1 bowl;Peas;-1 bowl;knol-khol;-2-3  cut into small pieces;-1 bowl; Coriander leaves;-1 cup; Green chillies [remove the seeds and cut into small pieces;-2-3 in numbers,
  4. Red chilli powder;-one and a half tablespoon or as per required;
  5. Garam masala powder;-1 teaspoon;
  6. Grated ginger;-1 teaspoon ;and salt to taste.
  7. Lemon juice;-1 tablespoon;
  8. Turmeric powder–1/4 teaspoon; and Hing powder;-1/2 a teaspoon;
  9. Veg oil for frying;-1/2 a litre.;-Sunflower or Refined groundnut oil;

Method of preparation

Peel of the outer skins of vegetables ;- Carrot,Beetroot,and knol-khol-and cut them into small pieces,along with beans.Now cook all the vegetables in a steel vessel along with peas,,by adding enough water, on a stove top ;After they are done,remove from stove, remove excess water and cool lthem to room temperature;Now add these cooked vegtables to cooked and mashed potatoes;Add grated ginger,salt, Lemon juice;  garam masala Add coriander leaves if required,and mix well, Make lemon sized balls and keep them aside for half an hour;

In another bowl mix Gram flour,Rice flour, red chilli powder; Salt,turmeric powder,Hing and add enough water to make a thick batter[Dosa consistency]. In a kadai, put veg oil for frying;;-About 1 litre; When it is hot,dip the prepared balls in the batter and deep fry   by putting 5-6 at a time and when they are done, transefer to another bowl and serve them hot tomato ketchup!!

Preparation of Home made Ketchup to follow…..


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