This recipe is a traditional south Indian recipe mainly prepared for breakfast . Not only that, this recipe is done during marriages for  morning breakfast along with sambar and chutneys.Many sweets are also served along with this.

MAIN INGREDIENTS REQIRED TO PREPARE IDLIS[RICE CAKES];—– METHOD [1];-;-Idli Rava[Available in Indian stores] and local provision stores.;-500 gms.

Black gram dhal;-200gms;

Thick yoghurt;-2 cups;

Salt  as per required[Approximately 1-2 teaspoon;]

Idli steaming cooker with  vessels[with molded depressions for pouring batter]

Soak both Idli Rava and black gram dhal in separate bowls for 3-4 hours  ;Remove excess water from soaked Rava and transefer to a steel vessel;Wash soaked dhal well and grind this to a smooth paste.and add to the soaked rava.Add thick yoghurt or curd  and salt  to this batter and keep this overnight. See that this batter should not over spilled from the vessel.See that the batter is well fermented.

Heat Idli steaming cooker,by adding enough water [1 litre] Take Idli stand  with molds with depression to pour Idli batter and ,and grease each pan with little oiland fill each of them with 3/4ths of batter  and insert this in the Idli  cooker and pressure cook in a medium flame for about 20 minutes. Do not put weight.

To test the well cooked Idlis,after 15-20 minutes  you insert  the sharp end of a spoon in one of the Idlis on top.It will not stick to the spoon,if it is cooked.

Use a butter knife to remove all Idlis from the Pans.Serve with a side dish,;-Mixed veg. sambhar or Avial[A tasty dish


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