Mixed vegetable Saagu and Coriander chutney


Main Ingredients Required are;-Coriander leaves;–Two bowls.;Wash well and dry in sunlight.

Green chillies;-8-10  in numbers;

Thick tamarind juice;–Two Tablespoons;

Jaggery in powdered form;-3 tablespoons

Hing;–half a teaspoon;

Salt ;-As per required

Any veg. oil for preparing chutney;

Mustard seeds;-1 teaspoon.

METHOD OF PREPARATION;-In a wet grinder  ,put coriander leaves[washed and dried],,greenchillies;salt, tamarind juice, powdered jaggery,hing  Grind well to make thick paste;

Heat a kadai, in a medium flame ; put one cup of refined veg, oil and add mustard seeds and turmeric powder,When the mustard seeds start spluttering turn off the flame other wise the ingredients in the kadai,  start burning, due to oil, Now  add the  ground paste and then  turn on the gas. Go on stirring well till it becomes thick,Now turn off the gas . Allow the prepared chutney  cool Now store this chutney in an airtight container.This is very tasty  and healthy and goes well with chappattis, puries, Idlis[both rava and rice idlies] ; Dosas;and even Rice.


MAIN INGREDIENTS REQUIRED ARE;–Vegetables like beans, peas,carrots,aloo or potatoes; knol-khol;spring onions;

Lemon  juice;– 2 tablespoons;Hing;-1/2 a teaspoon; salt as per required;coriander powder[1 teaspoon] Jeera powder;-one and a half teaspoon ;garam masala powder;-1 teaspoon Red chilli powder;-1 teaspoon.

To grind;-  Coconut gratings; ginger;-1” cut into small pieces;garlic;-3-4 pearls;green chilli;-one;Cinnamon stick;-2”;-one or two. Cloves;-2; Elaichi;-2-3;pine apple pieces;2-4.cut into small cubes;cashew nuts;-6-8 ;

Onions[two] cut into small pieces;;Tomatoes[3-4 cut into small pieces;Milk;-1 cup;to be added in the end.Coriander leaves for seasoning.

Cut all the vegetables into small pieces and cook  in a steel vessel, in a  medium flame by adding enough water Cover the lid Let the vegetables cook for 15 minutes.Turn off the gas,See all the vegetables are well cooked.

Heat a pan ;put 3 tablespoon of any veg oil When oil starts heating, put one  teaspoon of mustard.and when it starts spluttering, add onion pieces ;when it is half done, add tomato pieces,and saute ; Now grind all the ingredients given above  in a wet grinder  to a smooth paste by adding enough water ;Add this ground paste to the cooking onion, tomato mixture.and saute . Add garam masala powder[1 teaspoon; ]and red chilli powder[1 teaspoon]Jeera powder[1 1/2teaspoon; coriander powder[1 teaspoon] salt, hing  and let it cook for two minutes. Add milk now and close the lid.Turn off the gas  and season with spring onions[  5-6 leaves cut into small pieces and coriander leaves cut into small

This is a very tasty and healthy side dish,which goes well with Idlis; chappattis,puries,  and paratas


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