Rice Idli and Mixed vegetable Sambhar.

At home we usually prepare mixed vegetable Sambhar for our Lunch. But this can also  be prepared as a side dish, which goes well even with Chappattis, puries ,parattas and ,all types of Idlis,and even for  making Masala upma,  by adding the sambhar thus prepared while making Upma, which will be  very, very tasty.

Main Ingredients required  for making Sambhar are;- [1];-   Toor dhal[Tur dhal];- 1 1/2 cup and Moong dhal;-One cup;

 Mixed vegetables like Beans;-1/4.kg.cut into 2” lengthwise;, carrots;-1/4.kg.Cut into 3-4 pieces and each piece again cut into 2”sized piece

    Gajar[Hindi] Carrot [ kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.].

     Aloo or potataoes ;-cut each potato into small cubes of 2”size.;-Three-four potatoes.[Aloo gadde;-kannada;Urulaikkizangu;;[Tamil][Ullipayalu[Telugul]

Peas;- one bowl

Drum sticks;-Two- three cut into 6-7 equal pieces and then each piece again cut into 3” sized piece.

 Cucumber;-First you have to cut small piece from both sides of the vegetable , about 1/2 an inch thick and rub on both sides from the cut pieces, to remove foam like liquid out of the vegetable; which is bitter.and then cut it lengthwise into four pieces and again cut each piece into 2” cubes

Pumpkin;-Half a kilo;-First peel off the thick skin of the veg. by means of a peeler or sharp knife.,Then cut into small cubes of 2” X 3”[Approximately,25 pieces.

You can even  add knol-khol-Two-Three in numbers; Capsicum[Red , green and yellow.]; Onions;-3-4; Tomatoes;-5-6

Method of preparation;-

  To prepare Sambhar about one and a half litre,use any of the above 4-5 vegetables;       [b];-Tamarind pulp;-two -threetablespoons, or according to taste,         [c];-salt;as per required;    [d];-coconut gratings;-half a cup; and dry coconut powder Kobri] powder; [available in any Indian stores; -Half a cup;      [e];– Sugar or jaggery[optional];-1 table spoon,   [f];-    Hing;-1 pinch or 1/4 teaspoon;  [g];–Curry leaves for seasoning; 10-15 leaves;     [h];-Mustard seeds ;- one teaspoon   [I];–;Ghee;-two -three table spoons.

 Spices to be fried;–Coriander seeds;-two table spoons;

                                   Bengal gram or channa dhal;- one table spoon, Black gram dhal or Urad dhal;- 1/2 a table spoon;

                                   Methi seeds;-one  teaspoon;  Cumin seeds;-one and a half teaspoon;

                                   Cinnamun sticks[Lavanga pattai [Tamil] ;Dhalchinni patte[Kannada] ; Lavang [ Hindi]

                                 Curry leaves;–8-10 leaves also to be fried along with spices.

Step.no. [one;-]Heat a kadai in a medium flame and fry all the above spices with two table spoons of any veg. oil till aroma appears; After cooling , grind this mixture along with coconut gratings and dry coconut powder, in a wet grinder by adding  enough water to make  a smooth paste. Transefer this  to a small bowl.Keep this aside;

Step.no.[Two];Heat a pressure cooker and add enough water[one litre]-and cook all the  above mentioned vegetables along with toor dhal and moong dhal[ mixed]   Close the lid and put weight, and pressure cook forfor 20 minutes till  two- three whistles.come.

Step.no. [Three];- After cooling , take out the cooked dhals ,with vegetables,and transefer this into a medium sized steel bow, -to prepare approximately  one and a half litre sambhar, and cook in a medium flame, Add Tamarind pulp; salt and ground paste, and allow them to cook for two -three minutes; Add [if necessary] small piece of jaggery or one teaspoon of sugar for taste;[optional] Add One and a half tablespoon of ghee  while still the sambhar is boiling.. After it is done , take a small pan, add 1/2 a teaspoon of ghee and add mustard seeds and hing,and  heat in a low flame, otherwise whole thing will start burning; Turn off the gas and add this to the prepared sambhar. Season with remaining curry leaves. Mixed veg. Sambhar is ready to serve along with Idli, as a side dish.



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