This is  a  summer special which i have tried recently,  which everybody in our house liked very much.I  want to share this sweet recipe  with you all.The main ingredients required to make are;[A]-You can use  fruits like Apple, Guava, Pine apple Oranges, Grapes[seedless Blue, Greenand  Red varities], Bananas, Pomogranate seeds, Water melon cut into small cubes, Kiwi fruit pieces, strawberries and other fruits along with  dry fruits like dates;

[B];-Custard powders available in any Indian stores in many flavours; like vanilla, strawberry,  I have taken Vanilla essence powder.which goes well with this;-Here I have taken vanilla

[C] Honey;-Two-Three table spoons; [D];- Sugar;-One cup[optional];  [E];- Cardamom powder;Milk;- one cup

Method of preparation;- Wash all the fruits in running water,then peel off skins of certain fruits like Bananaa, oranges Thick skin of water melon and cut into small pieces along with other fruits.and transefer them into a steel bowl;Add cardamom powder, Honey, and keep this fruit mixture in the   refrigerator  for one-two hours.

In a small bowl take two tablespoons of  custard powder and mix in two -three cups  of milk and   boil remaining milk in a low flame and while boiling, add this custard powder mixture to this. and go on stirring, till the mixture becomesto a  semi solid state.. Remove from the  gas and allow it to cool . Then keep this also in the refrigerator. Before serving , take out both fruit  mixture and prepared custard milk,mix both  and add cardamom powder   and serve with a spoon.You can add extra honey also to thiswhich will be more tasty.

Health Tips;– * If you feel stomach upset in this season, [a] Drink plenty of water;

*[b];-Drink cold milk[one cup] in an empty stomach,  or one hour before breakfast or lunch.

*[c]Take two  pinches of Cardamom powder along with a tablespoon  of honey.

*[d];-If your gums are aching, take the mixture of two  pinches of  cardamom powder along with salt powder and rub gently with your  forefinger and wash your mouth  with warm salt  water., preferably

* [e];-Even you can wash your mouth with salt water after brushing your teath, [which  can be avoided  tooth decay] both in the morning and night, daily. This will keep your teeth very healthy through out your life. You can avoid going to the dentist, if you practice this daily.This can even be done after eating any sweet things.








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