Ice creams are available in many flavors;-vanilla, mango, strawberry, etc in many ice cream shops and markets; and ,in various forms   like cupsand sizes, from smaller ones to bigger ones and family packs. Of these icecreams, vanilla flavored  icecream is the best.In this flavor, family pack is also  available;;To make fruit salad with this ice cream, which is very , very delicious,  ;–;  we need[1]];- mixed fruit salad which we prepared already[. we can even add  strawberry, catalope fruit;[Karabhooja in kannada, telugu and Tamil]  cut into small pieces].Thick skins of the fruit should be peeled off by a peeler or knife. and the seeds should also be removed .Make sure that you should not get hurt your fingers in this process. ;                      Next step is to  prepare thick custard milk thus;- [2];-We need four cups of milk about 500ml; In one cup of milk, mix two teaspoons of vanilla custard powder and start boiling  in a low flame. Go on stirring and make sure that no lump is formed,  till the mixture becomes like Dosa consistency. Turn off the gas,and allow it to cool to a room temperature.Now keep this custard milk in a refrigerator for half – one hour or  as per your convenient time .                                                                         Step. no [3]. ;-In a wide mouthed bowl, mix fruit salad,honey[if necessary],Cardamon powder;2 pinches; and some portion of cooled custard milk, and mix well.Before serving in each plate put one cup of fruit salad, two table spoons of custard milk,and let them spread evenly,Now .Season with cherry fruits and serve Now all of .You will be tasting a mouth watering       cool cool  and very delicious  fruit salad with vanilla ice cream for evening snack;



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