This snack is a fried thing made specially for the evening snacks,which is very crispy  crunchy and tasty.Even  young and old likes this snack.when we were young ,we used to like  so much that we liked to eat,whenever we wanted.Since my child hood i used to note down all the things prepared by my mom,in an exercise  book and used to keep them safely.When i got married i used to do regularly,for my family and friends.This kodubale,is not only prepared for the evening snacks, but also are prepared during Indian festivals, Deepavali, Srimkrisdhna Jayanthi,Navarathri festivals.

        The main ingredients to prepare this snack are;-[1];-Rice flour;-4 cups or 800 gms..

              [2];-Maida or all purpose flour;–one and a half cup ;   [3];-Chiroti Rava[Available in Indian shops in u.s.a.and locally available in all grocery shops.;-one cup    [4];-Dry coconut powder [kobri in kannada];-one cup.[200 gms] ;    [5];–Red chillies;about 15.;If the spice is not enough, we can add red chilly powder,if required;that too little quantity.   [6];-Any vegetable oil for deep  frying;-600 gms.  [7];-Salt,as per required.

   [8];-  Jeera;-one and a half table spoon;    [9];- Hing;-in powdered form;-1 teaspoon;[10];- Ghee or butter;-3 table spoons of ghee or butter [11];-Chana Dhalia or Hurigadale in kannada.

   Method of preparation.;- Heat a big kadai,add butter or ghee,and fry chiroti rava,first, till aroma comes,Turn off the gas, and when it is still hot add rice flour and mix well,in the kadai itself.  Transfer to a mixing bowl Now add all purpose flour to this mixture.Keep this aside and allow it to cool;Now in a blender, grind together,dry coconut, red chillies,and chana dhalia add water and grind  together to make nice powder..Add this powder  to the rice mixture,already prepared,and mix well.Add salt, hing powder, jeera, and by adding water, little by little,prepare dough. like chappati consistency Knead this dough well Take a small portion,  out of this dough and,make  lemon sized balls out of thisNow moist your hands  and apply veg oil[not hot oil] into  the palm. Then roll each ball into  the strands and bring both ends of each  strand to form a circle or round shape Now heat a pan, ,and pour veg, oil , heat in a low medium flame and drop each kodubales thus prepared in the hot oil and deep fry them  until they turn into golden brown in colour.Lower the flame and remove  kodubale thus prepared  from oil and drain them on paper towels and  aftern cooling  store them in an airtight container. and enjoy this  yummy, crunchy,and crispy snack.particulatly during rainy seasons.


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