Venn Pongal & Sweet Pongal

These healthy, Pongal varities are specially made for  morning breakfast  on any holidays  particularly on  sundays, as these dishes are very tasty and stomach full which everybody likes .

METHOD OF PREPARATION OF SWEET PONGAL;-Main ingredients required  ;-[a];-Rice;-200 gms.; [b];-Green gram dhal;-50 gms [c];–Jaggery;powdered-150 gms[1and a half cup]

 [d];- dry coconut powder;-2 handfull; [e];–Ghee;-150 gms;  Cashew nut pieces;–half a cup[15 nuts]  Cardamom powder;-3/4 teaspoon .

 METHOD OF PREPARATION ;–Wash rice  well,  Heat a kadai in a medium flame dry roast greengram dhal until itbecomes golden brown colour.Mix both rice and dhal together and keep them aside;  Heat a pressure cooker and pour enough water in it. Now take a wide  mouthed bowl  put the rice mixture ; pour 600 ml. water and dry coconut powder, turmeric powder ;and 2 tablespoons of ghee into it;Now Close the lid and  cook  for 20 minutes.after putting weight.Allow it to cool.

  Now heat a kadai,fry cashewnut pieces in two tablespoon of ghee.Transfer to a small bowl;In the same kadai, put the jaggery powder,and 100 gms of water,boil till the liquid becomes   thread consistency. Add the cooked rice mixture ,remaining ghee,cardamom powder;fried cashewnut pieces  and mix well.Now go on  stirring  the mixture till   nice aroma appears..Now turn off the gas and serve hot..

  [B];-MAIN INGREDIENTS REQUIRED TO PREPARE VENN PONGAL;-[a]; Rice;-200 gms-   [b];-Green gram dhal;-100 gms; [c];–Dry coconut powder;-one cup;

[d]Black pepper and Jeera;one tablespoon each; [e];- Turmeric powder;-1/4 teaspoon. [f];-salt ;- accordingly  .[g];-Hing;-1/4 teaspoon. [h];Giger gratings;-[optional];one teaspoon.

  Ghee;-  150 gms..

   Method;-  Pressure cook the rice and dhal mixture as in  the method of preparation of sweet pongal, .and let it cool.

 Heat a kadai, put two table spoons of ghee, fry cashenut pieces, pepper  , jeera, add turmeric powder,coconut gratings,, ,one teaspoon of ginger gratings,  add the cooked rice mixture  and stir well. Add required quantity of salt, hing and remaining quantity of ghee and cook well till it becomes thick.Serve hot with sweet pongal.


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