MARVELLOUS MANGOE DISHES.

Mangoes are much loved by everyone.It is a wonderful seasonal and   very popular fruit,It is called the KING of the fruits It deserves all the good titles that come in its way, because it is very delicious. In india, many varieties of mangoes are grown almost in all parts of the country.They are even exported to other countries, like Canada, U.S.A, England.etc.,because of its delicious taste. Many dishes are made from  the ripe mangoes   deserts,[Seekarane in kannada] Juices, Fruit salads,, Milk shakes, Jams,jellies, Marmallades, Gojju,and mango icecreams, etc.And many dishes are made from raw mangoes like pickles ,chutneys,Mango rice,and even mango papad.They have become very famous , almost all over the world.Some of the examples are;-Alphanza ,from north[costliest], Badami,Neelam Thothapuri mangoes fro south.etc.
My  husband would bring   both types of mangoes, almost daily in this season,.to make mango dishes from raw mangoes and ripe fruits to eat.Here are some of the famous dishes i have prepared at home ,some from learning from others and some from own .First i will make simple desert, from  ripe mangoes. This dish can be served as a side dish for chappattis , Dosas, or puris
Ingrediants required are;-
* one cup ripe mango pieces;
*two cups milk.;
*Two table spoon sugar,;
Cardomom powder;-2 pinches.
  Method of preparation;-In a wet grinder, grind part of the  mango pieces well, without adding anything. Now in a separate steel bowl, take milk and add sugar to it.and mix well.Now add the paste.and cardamom powder,Now  add the remaining mango pieces to this mixture. and sqish with fingers . This should be thick.Serve with chappattis as a side dish. This is very tasty desert.

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