When i was young, i regularly used to visit a Gujarathi family,of a husband and wifewho lived next to my grandma’s house, because of the tasty dishes ,aunty used to prepare,She would called me and my brother,when ever she prepared a special dish, because she had no kids of her own.We used to taste and give good certificate in our own words.That was enough for her. We didn’t know that language,[ but ofcourse, later we learnt from her.]She had learnt Kannada language from her bai[maid servant,]tried to speak little by little, with us.
She used to explain the method of preparation ,of the recipes she made.I used to like ”srikhand”,a sweet dish made from thick yoghurt and sugar, which she liked to prepare quite often..Once i learnt any type of dish i never forget.I modified the dish by adding mango pulp to it, which my hubby and children liked very much .
The main ingredients required to make  the above dish are ;-
* Yoghurt;-200 gms;
*Sugar;-600 gms.
*Mango pulp;–one cup;from two ripe mangoes.
*Cardamom, powder;- 2 pinches or 1/4 teaspoon
*cashew nuts,  cut into small pieces fried in a table spoon of ghee, to be added later.
 *Nutmeg[Jaypal; in hindi, Jaajikai, in kannada.and Tamil,l] Hard Dry  fruit.with a seed in side.Break this into half and powder along with sugar.
*Saffron;-6-7 flowers or 1/2 a teaspoonmof powder.
METHOD OF PREPARATION;–Wash Mangoes  well and remove the skins by a peeler.Take the pulp, and discard the seeds. and transefer to a steel bowl.Keep this aside.
Next step is, How to prepare Srikhand?
Remove thick yoghurt from the container[Yoghurt is available in almost all . indian stores in U.S.A and other Countries. ]
In a dry grinder, grind  sugar to make nice powder.Mix this powder with yoghurt,and saute well using palm.Now  add mango pulp,cardamom powder,nutmeg powder, saffron colour and mix well . Refrigerate this mixture for one hour before serving. Serve this dish along with Chappattis. Or you can eat as it is. This is very, very Yummy, Yummy and , Tasty.Tasty.

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