MANGO RECIPES;-[3];-Raw mango juice.

                         I have tried making juices in various types of fruits,including Mango.I thought why i should not try  to make juice from raw mangoes.Any how lots of raw mangoes are left unutttended.As soon as i desided , i began my experiment.and the juice had  come out well, though not like juice from ripe mangoes.This was how i prepared.
 * Main ingrediants;-3-4 raw mangoes , cut into small pieces, discarding seeds.
>Water ;-,to cook  the mango pieces.
>1/2 a teaspoon cumin powder.[Jeera,]or chat masala powder.
>3/4 teaspoon salt.
>1/4 teaspoon redchillipowder[optional]
>3 tablespoons  sugar.
>2 tablespoons chopped mint leaves.
>Required quantity of Ice cubes.[crushed]
> Method. ;–Wash mangoes well in running water and cut them into small pieces after drying in a towel, and put them into the required amount of  water and cook them in a medium flame, till they become soft.
> .Remove from the gas and ,Allow the cooked mangoes to cool.
> Then grind them in  a wet grinder and filter the juice.Place the juice in a steel  bowl.
>To this add sugar, little salt, jeera or chat masala powder and mix well.
>Add enough water , red chilli powder, if you want, and whisk thoroughly.
>Add chopped mint leaves.[2-3 table spoons]stir well again,
>Add crushed ice cubes
>. Pour this juice in a glass and serve.

Another method  which one of my aunts told , when i served this juice,after tasting it, I have given that method also.

>  Take 4-5  Medium sized Raw mangoes and place them with water to cover in a sauce pan and bring to boil in a medium flame.
> Simmer for 10-15 minutes.
>Drain off the water. Peel the outer skin and remove the pulp by means of a spoon  and place the pulp in a deep bowl, discarding seeds.
>Add, water , sugar, little salt, cumin powder, little redchilli powder to give different taste to the juice.
> Whisk thoroughly.
>Stir well and  add, mint leaves and whisk again,.
> Pour the juice in a glass and serve with crushed ice cubes in the juice.



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