Mango Gojju,;-

 It is a sweet south indian, side dish prepared specially for  Chappattis , puries  which i had tried ,many times and in many ways,to come out very well.And it should be very healthy too.
The main ingredients i have added are;-2-4 Ripe mangoes
> Two-three tablespoons of Jaggery;
>Two-three tablespoons of cooking oil
>Two  Tablespoons of Gojju Masala
>One and a half table spoons of Tamarind extract;
>Two  teaspoons of channa dal;  two  teaspoons of Urad daal;  5-6 red chillis;     Few curry leaves. ; Turmeric powder;- 1/2 teaspoon;  Hing;- 1 pinch.
> Salt to taste.
>To make Gojju Masala;-
  Ingredients required ;- Two  tablespoons of Channa dal[Bengal gram];Two table spoons of Urad dhal; [Black gram];Half a tablespoon of Methi [fenugreek] seeds; Two tablespoons of coriander seeds Red chillies;-10-12;;3” CINNAMON STICK;;-ONE. Hing;-1/2 teaspoon;Few curry leaves;    Dry coconut powder;-1 cup;
 Method of preparation of Gojju powder;-
 Heat a pan and dry roast all the above ingredients except coconut powder[which should be dry roasted separately].In a dry grinder, grind all the roasted ingredients  coarsely.and mix the roasted coconut powder to this. and keep this in a bowl separately.
  Two table spoons of Rasam powder ;[the method of preparation is given below.]
Method of preparation of Mango Gojju;–Wash the riped mangoes well in running water and wipe off with a dry towel.or cloth.Now Peel off the skin of the fruits  by means of a peeler. Cut the mangoes into small pieces and put them in a required quantity of water and allow it to boil., in a medium flame
Now in a kadai, heat some oil, add mustard seeds, and afterbit splutters  add channa dal, urad dal curry leaves, 2-3 red chillies, and add this to the cooking mango gojju. now add salt, hing and Gojju powder and rasam powder  to the cooking  mangoes.
 Dissolve jaggery in a small quantity of water and add to the boiling gojju.Allow it to cook for some time[say for 5-8 minutes till semi liquid paste appears.Now turn off the gas.
 Season with  few curry leaves.and mix well.Mango gojju is ready to serve.
To prepare Rasam powder;-Main ingredients required are;-
>200 gms . Coriander seeds;       200 gms .of red chillies;   50 gms . of Jeera or cumin seeds;  50 gms  of pepper seeds;   30 gms . of  Methi seeds.[Fenu greek seeds]; and 15 gms of mustard seeds.  Few curry leaves,Two pinches of Hing
 Method;- Dry roast all the spices in a pan except red chillies, which should be roasted separately by adding a teaspoon of oil in a very low flame,and then mix every thing together and  powder in a dry grinder till the powder becomes nice. Keep this powder in a separate container to be used.

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