FALOODA.;-METHOD OF PREPARATION;

Main ingrediants required ;–
>7-8 tablespoons of corn flour;
>Basil seeds;- should be soaked in milk for two hours;-3 tablespoons.
>one and a half cup sugar syrup;
>Rose water;-one teaspoon;
 Method of preparation;–Soak basil seed s [available in Indian grocery stores]   two hours before making falooda in two cups of milk   and keep it aside .
  In a separate bowl, take eight tablespoons of corn flour , two  cups of sugar,and add water ,and cook this mixture in a low flame,,till it becomes thick. Remove from the gas and allow it to cool.Thick dough is formed..Divide this dough into small portions Take each portion and put it into sev [Chakkuli mould,which is  Available in Indian stores,]mould and prepare sev,by pressing the mould by hands and keep this sev, in a separate steel bowl.
In a separate steel vessel take  remaining milk ,add sugar syrup,, rose water,and already soaked basil seeds,,and serve with Mango ice cream.

To prepare MANGO ICE CREAM;-

>MANGO PULP ,from two ripe mangoes.
>one litre of milk,
>sugar;-200 ml.
>Cardamom powder;-2 pinches,
> Pistachio seeds, cut into small pieces;-ten -twenty pieces.
>Cashewnuts, cut into small pieces,;-50 gms.
Method;- Boil milk till it becomes half Now add sugar and continue boiling till it becomes thick.[ or you can use condensed milk , available in Indian stores]Allow it to cool,Now add mango pulp to this milk ,and refrigerate ,in the freezer, whole night.Next morning remove from the freezer, and whip by means of whipper and again keep this in the  refrigerator,.[ This ice cream should be prepared in the previous day itself.]Mango ice cream is ready to use.
> In a glass jar take half a jar of Falooda , add a scoop of Mango ice cream and serve.You ENJOY COOL COOL YUMMY FALOODA, IN THIS SUMMER SEASON.It is realy tasty drink,

 Prepare sugar syrup,;- In a pan put one and a half cup sugar and add 1/2 cup of water, and allow it to boil in a medium flame,to make syrup

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