Mixed fruit gojju is my favourite side dish, which i usually make in my own method.My whole family likes this side dish ,very much.They want me to prepare this quite often ,enough to store at least for fifteen days.But it can be stored even more number of days, if we prepare and keep it in refrigerator.You need not add preservative to this.

  Main ingredients required are;-

>Mango pulp from two ripe mangoes.
 >Pine apple,  cut into small pieces;[five to six slices of the fruit],about 3X2 cms.
>Tamarind paste;-two teaspoons;
>Cinnamun sticks;-3” ;- one-two.
.Dry coconut powder;-half a cup;
>Methi seeds;-one teaspoon;
>Red chillies;-ten in numbers.
>Hing;-one pinch.
.>til ;-two teaspoons;
>Any veg oil;-100 ml.
>Turmeric powder;-1/2 a teaspoon.
>Curry leaves;-10-15.leaves
>Urad dal,channa dal,coriander seeds;- each two tablespoons .
>powdered jaggery;-two cups;
>Chat masala;-half a teaspoon.

  Method of preparation;-

[a];-Peel of the thick skins of Pine apple by means of a peeler, and cut them into slices of one to two  cms. thick.and cut each slice into small pieces about  3×2 cms.thick.and transefer to a separate steel plate and keep it aside.
[b];-Cut the mangoes ,discarding the outer skin and seeds and take out the pulp,in a separate bowl, and keep it aside.
[c];-Heat a thick bottomed pan or kadai and put a table spoon of veg. oil and fry the ingredients, given below.
>urad dal, channa dal, red chillies,[leaving twoto three red chillies for seasoning]coriander seeds,,til, methi seeds,and cinnamun sticks, till golden brown,. or you can dry fry each spice, separately and powder them along with dry coconut powder mixing all of them together,, in a dry grinder, coarsely, and to this add hing.and transefer this powder in a separate bowl and keep this aside.
Heat the same kadai, put remaining oil,when it is heated, add mustard seeds,when the seeds splutter,add turmeric powder.Now to this, add pine apple pieces,and saute,for one minute. Now add mango pulp , jaggery powder and   little water to this and allow it to cook.. Now add salt,gojju powder, chat masala powder,and continue cooking till the mixture thickens. In a separate pan heat some oil, put mustard seeds,when the seeds start splutter, add turmeric powder[half a teaspoon, ],few curry leaves, two-three redchillies and add to gojju,Remove from fire[gas]and allow it to cool.or you can serve gojju hot with Rice or chappattis.Very, very tasty gojju is ready to serve.

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