METHOD OF PREPARATION OF CABBAGE FRY ;-[SECOND METHOD]

  Main Ingrediants;-
 Cabbage;-250 gms  ,cut into small pieces;
>Olive oil;-two table spoons;
>Red chilli powder;-one tablespoon.
> white Vinegar;-one table spoon;
>Salt to taste.

 Method of preparation;-

   Mix all the above ingrediants in a steel bowl and refrigerate for half an hour.. Take out the mixture,
  Heat a kadai or pan, put any vegetable oil,about half a litre. Take some mixture and drop little by little in the oil and deep fry.till they become brown  and crispy. Transefer, them in a serving bowl with tissue paper, to remove excess oil.Serve with Tomato ketchup.Crispy, crunchy, and tasty, cabbage fry is ready to eat.
 [ If you want you can add mint leaves or curry leaves to the mixture]


                                             CRUNCHY PAKORAS FOR EVENING SNACKS.

Pakoras and bajjis are specially prepared for evening snacks. Particularly,when it is raining  outside,and inside,we are feeling cold,it is really enjoyable to taste, very hot ,crispy,and spicy pakoras,along with chutneys or  tomato ketchup.We can make different types of pakoras.For example;-Onion pakoras,which we prepare frequently Cabbage pakoras ,Spinach pakoras,etc.
 Today i have tried cabbage pakora[pakoda],and the method is given below;-


>Cabbage ;-250gms;-cut into small pieces;
>Chana flour;-oneand a half cup;
>Rice flour;-3/4 cup
>Corn flour;-2-3 table spoons;
>Onion cut into small pieces ;-one bowl;
>Ginger+garlic paste;-oneand a half teaspoon.
>Red chilli powder;-two teaspoons;
>Ani seeds or saunf;-one teaspoon;
>Butter ;-Two table spoons;
>Salt to taste;-as per required;
> curry leaves;-half a cup.
>Any veg .oil for frying;

 STEP;-[TWO] ;-

>Sieve chana flour,and to this add, rice flour, corn flour,curry leaves cut into small pieces,salt, and butter. Mix well,To this add, cabbage pieces, onion pieces,ani seeds, red chilli powder,Mix all these together,If you want you can add mint leaves instead of curry leaves. Now  sprinkle water on this mixture,and keep this aside.


 Take  a kadai, or pan,and put any veg. oil about half a litre.and heat in a medium flame.Now by taking small portion of  the prepared dough,and  drop loosely, into the oil, and deep fry, till golden brown appears.. Transefer the pakoras into  a wide mouthed serving bowl  with tissue papers to remove excess oil.and serve hot. crunchy, and tasty pakoras, with tomato ketchup, or tomato chutney.


                                                       METHOD OF PREPARATION OF  VEGETABLE SAMOSA.

While i was in California ,[ which is in the western part of  U.S.A]. in my daughter’s place,to look after my grand children Srikesh and Rishika], in the year,2006,,[the names may look funny, but my daughter and son-in -law ,both have chosen the names which should be a special one], ,on one of the weekends,my daughter asked me to make vegetable samosa,for evening snack , and kids were in good mood to  cherish ,as it was a holiday.My daughter went to the Indian stores which was about,three kilometres from the house, to buy the  ingredients and fresh vegetables, needed for making samosa.By 3’o clock in the afternoon, everything was ready.I began to prepare as follows;-
Main ingredients required;-
>All purpose flour or maida flour;-Two cups.
>Chiroti rawa;-half a cup;
>Butter;-Fifty grms[unsalted].
>cooking soda;-2 pinches
>Salt as per required.
>water to add to the flour to make dough.
>Any veg. oil for deep frying.
>Vegetables;-Potatoes,;- 2-3 boiled and mashed;, Beans;-250 gms.;Green peas;-one cup;Carrots;-2-3 cut into small pieces;Beet root;-one cut into small pieces;Knol-khol;- One cut into small pieces;Pine apple pieces;-2-3 slices from the fruit, cut into small pieces;Cashew nuts;-25 gms.

Method of preparation;-


>Mix Maida [all purpose flour ]and Rawa together in a serving bowl
>In a plate take   butter,[arround 25 gms.]and baking soda [one pinch] and mix well to make paste.keep this paste aside Add enough  salt..Mix well.By adding water ,little by little, make  dough. Cover this dough with a clean muslin cloth,for forty five minutes.Then ,Make small balls  of lemon size,out of this  dough.By using rolling pin,make small chappattis
Divide each chappattis into half, by cutting in the centre portion with a knife..


>Boil the potatoes separately and peel off the skins and mash them .Keep this mashed potatoes in a separate bowl.
 Cook all the cut vegetables in a pressure cooker,and allow them to cool.
> Heat a kadai, in a medium flame and put any veg. oil, about, three tablespoons,and put one teaspoon of mustard seeds,and after the seeds start spluttering,,add turmeric powder, ginger gratings or pieces, green chillies ,cut into small pieces,,hing about one pinch, few curry leaves,and cooked vegetables. Add enough salt to this.Now add cooked and mashed potatoes,,garam masala[one teaspoon]To this add pine apple pieces, fried cashew nuts,and mix well.Allow this mixture to cool for half an hour.


>Take a cut portion of the chappatti, and make a cone shape, by using, thumb, and forefinger and middle finger,and fill up one teaspoon of already prepared mixiture ,in this cone .And cover this with other end,by pressing,with moist finger.  Prepare  samosas by this method, keep them in a separate wide mouthed,vessel.
 >Heat a thick bottomed pan, put about half a litre of veg. oil and deep fry each samosas, till they become golden brown.Transefer the samosas into a serving bowl with tissue paperin it,,to remove excess oil,Serve hot samosas, with Tomato ketchup.



       We can make this rice bath for morning breakfast or if some guests arrive suddenly,it can be prepared within half an hour.This is very easy  to make,and is very, very tasty, and healthy too.
       Main ingredients required to make this ricebath for four people, are;-
>Stuffed rice[avalakki, thick variety];- 300ml.;
>Blackgram dal;-100 ml.
>Red chillies;-Eight to ten.
>Cinnamun sticks;-3” –two in numbers.
>Hing or Asafoetida;-2 pinches
>Dry coconut powder;-one cup
>Milk;- two cups;
>Cashew nuts;-15-20.
>curry leaves;-ten in numbers.
 >Urad dal papad or sabudan papad for mixing.
>Salt to taste


[Step;-one];- Heat a kadai or thick bottomed pan in a medium flame ,and in a two table spoons of any veg oil, fry, Urad dal, two-three red chillies,cinnamun sticks, few curry leaves till dal becomes golden brown.Transefer to a steel plate and allow it to cool to the room temperature.Then in dry grinder ,powder the fried ingredients coarsely.and keep this powder in a separate bowl
[Step two.];-In the same pan, heat three tablespoons of ghee,and fry five to six papads or sabudan papads and keep them in a separate bowl with tissue paper,to remove excess fat from the papads..
[Step.three.];-Wash stuffed rice well in running waterand allow the water to go out. Then soak the rice in milk,for two minutes and keep this aside.for another three minutes.
[Step.four];-Take the kadai or thick bottomed pan and heat .in a medium flame,add the remaing ghee ,to the pan, put mustard seeds,and let the seeds splutter.Now add one tablespoon of Urad dal, one table spoon of chana dal, 5-6 red chillies,few curry leaves, and  to this add soaked stuffed rice and saute . Add required ammount of salt, hing, to this,and mix well. Now add dry coconut powder , mix well again
[Step five.];- Heat the pan again, put some ghee or any veg. oil, fry cashewnuts about 15-20 nuts made into small pieces.and add to the Rice bath . season with papad  pieces[Papads should be broken into pieces   by hand and   should be spread evenly on the top]Now  hot urad dal rice bath is ready to serve.




  The pickles we prepare are the side dishes for rice , chappattis, and Dosas.Especially, mango pickles are  prepared in this hot summer season, when it is available, in plenty.
*.To prepare this pickle, we need  three big sized mangoes, cut into small pieces[,2” square] 
*,Mustard oil;–Two cups.
*salt, as per required  

*To make pickle powder;-Ingredients required;-

[1];-Red chilli powder;-Two  tablespoons.
[2];-Mustard seeds;-One  teaspoon.
[3];-Methi seeds;-four teaspoons .
[4];-Hing;- one big pinch or 1/4 teaspoon.
Method;- Heat a pan, and dry fry all the above ingredients separately,except hing . In a dry grinder or blender put fried ingredients and powder coarsely.Now add hing to this. and keep it aside. 
 In the same pan, put  mustard oil, heat in a medium flame. Put one teaspoon of mustard seeds, ,when the seeds start splutter, add hing, and turmeric powder.Turn off the gas now. Add mango pieces, and required quantity of salt,and pickle powder, to this mixture. and mix well,Allow it to cool.for one hour. and transefer to a glass jar. and close the lid. You can store this pickle for one to one and a half month.