The pickles we prepare are the side dishes for rice , chappattis, and Dosas.Especially, mango pickles are  prepared in this hot summer season, when it is available, in plenty.
*.To prepare this pickle, we need  three big sized mangoes, cut into small pieces[,2” square] 
*,Mustard oil;–Two cups.
*salt, as per required  

*To make pickle powder;-Ingredients required;-

[1];-Red chilli powder;-Two  tablespoons.
[2];-Mustard seeds;-One  teaspoon.
[3];-Methi seeds;-four teaspoons .
[4];-Hing;- one big pinch or 1/4 teaspoon.
Method;- Heat a pan, and dry fry all the above ingredients separately,except hing . In a dry grinder or blender put fried ingredients and powder coarsely.Now add hing to this. and keep it aside. 
 In the same pan, put  mustard oil, heat in a medium flame. Put one teaspoon of mustard seeds, ,when the seeds start splutter, add hing, and turmeric powder.Turn off the gas now. Add mango pieces, and required quantity of salt,and pickle powder, to this mixture. and mix well,Allow it to cool.for one hour. and transefer to a glass jar. and close the lid. You can store this pickle for one to one and a half month.

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