CRUNCHY PAKORAS FOR EVENING SNACKS.

Pakoras and bajjis are specially prepared for evening snacks. Particularly,when it is raining  outside,and inside,we are feeling cold,it is really enjoyable to taste, very hot ,crispy,and spicy pakoras,along with chutneys or  tomato ketchup.We can make different types of pakoras.For example;-Onion pakoras,which we prepare frequently Cabbage pakoras ,Spinach pakoras,etc.
 Today i have tried cabbage pakora[pakoda],and the method is given below;-


>Cabbage ;-250gms;-cut into small pieces;
>Chana flour;-oneand a half cup;
>Rice flour;-3/4 cup
>Corn flour;-2-3 table spoons;
>Onion cut into small pieces ;-one bowl;
>Ginger+garlic paste;-oneand a half teaspoon.
>Red chilli powder;-two teaspoons;
>Ani seeds or saunf;-one teaspoon;
>Butter ;-Two table spoons;
>Salt to taste;-as per required;
> curry leaves;-half a cup.
>Any veg .oil for frying;

 STEP;-[TWO] ;-

>Sieve chana flour,and to this add, rice flour, corn flour,curry leaves cut into small pieces,salt, and butter. Mix well,To this add, cabbage pieces, onion pieces,ani seeds, red chilli powder,Mix all these together,If you want you can add mint leaves instead of curry leaves. Now  sprinkle water on this mixture,and keep this aside.


 Take  a kadai, or pan,and put any veg. oil about half a litre.and heat in a medium flame.Now by taking small portion of  the prepared dough,and  drop loosely, into the oil, and deep fry, till golden brown appears.. Transefer the pakoras into  a wide mouthed serving bowl  with tissue papers to remove excess oil.and serve hot. crunchy, and tasty pakoras, with tomato ketchup, or tomato chutney.

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