METHOD OF PREPARATION OF CABBAGE FRY ;-[SECOND METHOD]

  Main Ingrediants;-
 Cabbage;-250 gms  ,cut into small pieces;
>Olive oil;-two table spoons;
>Red chilli powder;-one tablespoon.
> white Vinegar;-one table spoon;
>Salt to taste.

 Method of preparation;-

   Mix all the above ingrediants in a steel bowl and refrigerate for half an hour.. Take out the mixture,
  Heat a kadai or pan, put any vegetable oil,about half a litre. Take some mixture and drop little by little in the oil and deep fry.till they become brown  and crispy. Transefer, them in a serving bowl with tissue paper, to remove excess oil.Serve with Tomato ketchup.Crispy, crunchy, and tasty, cabbage fry is ready to eat.
 [ If you want you can add mint leaves or curry leaves to the mixture]

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