METHOD OF PREPARATION OF CABBAGE DOSA OR CABBAGE PANCAKE.

 When i was  California,America, in the year 2004 ,i came to know about this special type of Dosa variety, which my daughter,Neela, used to prepare  one of the  weekends.I found this dosa very tasty , healthy and easy to make After returning to Bangalore,where i live ,i tried this Dosa, many times and evrybody in my house liked  it very much,The ingrediants and the method of preparation is given below;-


   >Rice;-300 ml.

 >Cabbage cut into small pieces;-two cups;
>Ginger;-2” one piece grated.
>Green chillies;-3-4 ;
>Red chillies;-7-8
>Coriander seeds ;-two table spoons.
>Urad dhal;-one teaspoon.
>Tamarind;-one lemon ball size.
>Hing;-1/4 teaspoon.
>Coconut scrappings or powder[Availble in Indian stores or any food world];- one bowl.
>Curry leaves;-10-15 leaves cut into small pieces
>Onion;-2 cut into small pieces
Method of Preparation;-
>Soak rice in the previous night itself.
> In the next morning, take a kadai, and fry coriander seeds, urad dhal, red chillies, curry leaves and grind with coconut gratings,with enough water to make thick paste.
>Heat a Tawa, to make  Dosas,in a medium flame,and pour about

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