METHOD OF PREPARATION OF AMBODE.

  This dish , is usually prepared as a side dish during marriages and Hindu festivals.This is very, very tasty.This  we prepare even for evening snack, that too, during rainy season, in the evening,especially.

     STEP [one];-   The main ingredients required  are;-

>[a].-Bengal gram ;–300 gms;[soaked for two hours, before preparing]

>[b];-Dry coconut powder, available in the Indian stores.

>[c];-Red chillies;-10-12;

>Mint leaves or dill leaves ;- cut into small pieces;-one bowl;

>Hing;-two pinches

>Ginger ;-1” piece..

>Onions;-two, cut into small pieces;

>Any vegetable oil for frying;-half a litre;

step [two];-


>In a wet grinder, put soaked bengal gram dhal,red chillies, coconut powder,and ginger,and grind them coarsely by  adding little water;Now transefer this batter, to a steel bowl.

>Cut onions into small pieces and keep them in a separate bowl;

>Cut mint or dill leaves[anyone of the leaves]] into small  portions,and keep them in a separate plate.

>Now add the onion pieces, mint leaves, hing,salt  to the already prepared batter,and mix well.

> If you want you can add one tablespoon full of Lemon juice, which  is optional,

> Heat a thick bottomed pan and pour half a litre of any vegetable oil,into it. Now when oil becomes hot, take a small portion of the batter on a plastic sheet and flatten it , by pressing it, using fingers to form  a round shape and put it in the oil, In the same way, put about 6-8 vades, and deepfry  till they become golden brown , and crispy.See that they are all well fried. Now transefer them carefully, in to a steel vessel with tissue paperinside,, to remove excess oil. Serve them hot with tomato kethup or coconut chutney.CRISPY , HEALTHY,AND  TASTY AMBODE IS READY TO EAT.

  NOTE;- These Ambodes, though fried in the oil are easily digestable, because of the ingredients added to the batter;i,e,;-Onions, Mint leaves, or Dill [sabudaan] leaves,;and ginger, which is very good for digestion


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