METHOD OF PREPARATION OF CABBAGE CHUNEY.

Cabbages are very good source of  vitamins, particularly, vitamin k,the blood clotting vitamin produced naturally by bacteria in the intestine.They contain vitamin -c, Amino acids;Folic acid;Glutaminic acid[for improvement of Mental conditions; fight against depression],They help in controlling weight reduction also.

   We can prepare many recipes with cabbages;like, cabbage Dosa, cabbage kootu,Cabbage pakodas.etc.Yesterday i had been to my brother’s house, to pay a visit, as he was preparing for a trip to Singapur and other places, with his wife ; I wished both of them ‘Bon Voyage’During my stay there, i had learnt how to make Cabbage Chutney, from his Mother-in-law, who is an expert in  cooking, and noted down  the main ingredients and the method of preparation of the same.After returning home i prepared Chutney, which had come out very well.

The main ingredients to make Cabbage chutney are;-

>[a];-Cabbage cut into small pieces;-500gms.

>[b];-coriander seeds;-one handfull;

>[c];-Urad dhal;-two tablespoons.

>[d] Fresh coconut gratings;–300ml.

>[e];-Red chillies;-4-5  or according to the taste

>[f];-Methi seeds;-one teaspoon;.

>[g];-Tamarind;-one lemon ball size;

>[h];-sugar;-one teaspoon;

>[i];-Hing;-one pinch.

Method of preparation of Chutney.;-

Heat a kadai in a medium flame and fry coriander seeds, methi seeds, Urad dhal, red chillies with a tablespoon of any veg. oil.and transefer to a bowl;

>In the same kadai, add one  table spoon of oil , add cabbage pieces,fry well till raw smell goes,and transefer to another bowl;

>To grind;-

    In a dry  grinder, put fried urad dhal, red chillies Coriander seeds , and methi seeds,grind to make powder coarsely,

Now in the wet grinder, put Tamarind, salt,, sugar, coconut gratings, hing  and fried cabbages, and prepared  powder,and grind to make chutney.See if the water is required.

 This chutney is very, very tasty, healthy,and goes well with Dosas, Idlis, puries, and chappattis.


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