DEEPAVALI IS THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS This festival comes only once in a year.It can be a lot more fun provided we can give it to a festive spirit.That is why, we go out of our way to make it memorable. We will be thinking of preparing many  types of sweets  to distribute among our friends and relatives, on the day of the festivalas with whom  we all want to share our joy and happiness.This festival was started from the  day, Lord Srikrishna killed the demon kin gNarakaasura, who were troubling innocent people.They prayed Lord to protect them from the hands of this demon king ”NARAKA” . Litterally speaking  Naraka  means underworld  darkness. Lord srikrishna wiped out this darkness and saved the lives of all  who had a great devotion and faith in ”HIM” But before he died in the hands of Lord , the demon king asked the Lord to grant him a wish that this day should be celebrated in his name That is why it is called as Naraka chaturdhashi.He attained ”MOKSHA”[salvation],as he died in the hands of Lord.for this lord agreed.

The day comes on 14th day of krishna paksha  ,in the month of November.This day has been called as ‘Naraka chaturdhashi”  This year i have tried  a different sweet, on the  occasion of fesstival;-MILK CAKE OR MILK BURPHY, ;

The method of preparation of this cake is given below;-

Main ingredients required to make this cake are;-

>[A];-Condensed milk;-400 GMs[Milk maid which is available in food world and Indian stores. ]

>[B];-Butter;-400 gms.[unsalted]

>[C];- Dry fruits like Badam and pista cut into small pieces.


>[E];-Cardamom powder[Elaichi];-half a teaspoon full.

>[F];-Saffron or Kesari few petals to give extra flavour.

Method of preparation;-

Heat a non-stick pan in a low flame . Put one table spoon full of butter, and fry cut pieces of dry fruits,till they are done, but they should not be overfried.Transefer to a small bowl;In the same kadai,put condensed milk and sugar ; Go on stirring till sugar is dissolved.then add remaining  butter and fried dry fruits to it and  go on stirring till they become Halwa consistency. Now in half a cup of milk,dissolve petals of Kesari and add this to the cooking cake . See that the mixture should not be over fried and should not stick to the kadai. Remove from stove .In the meanwhile apply little butter to a steel plate and let it spread completely.This should be done prior to preparing cake.Now transefer whole mixture to this plate and slightly pat with the palm of your right hand,when it is still hot,by applying ghee or butter.Now cut this cake in the diamond shape or whatever the shape you like,and serve.ENJOY.


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