This sweet  a special one which i tried at home about one month back and which came out very well . Now  i want to prepare this sweet  for this year Deepavali festivalalso.

The main ingredients for the preparation are as follows;-

>[a];- Condensed milk or Milk maid [available in Tins in all Indian stores ]

 >[b];-Cocoa powder;-two table spoons

>[c];-Sugar;-200gms or according to taste


>[e];-Dry coconut powder;-two tablespoon

>[f]Dry fruits like pista, badam,  [all 10-12 in numbers]cut into small pieces and dry grapes[12]

>[g];-cardamom powder;-one teaspoon;

>[e];-Kesari or saffron;- 7-8 petals or colour 1/4 teaspoon.

>[f];-Cardamom powder;-1/4 teaspoon

>[g];-water;-one cup to dissolve sugar.

>[h];-Dry fruits mixture  like pista, badam , cashewnuts [cut pieces] and drygrapes;-2-3 tablespoons.


Take a non-stick pan and heat in a low flame. Add half a cup of water and sugar. Allow sugar to dissolve completely. Now remove the contents from the milk maid tin and pour entire milkmaid into the boiling syrup and add cocoa powder about two tablespoons to this mixture,Go on stirring with a wooden stick . Now add butter about four hundred gms. and go on  stirring continuousely, till the mixture becomes golden brown.In the meanwhile fry cut pieces of dry fruits along with dry grapes till they become light brown. See that they are not over fried.Add this to the cooking mixture  and mix well.When the mixture, starts leaving the corners , take it out and transefer to a  greased  tray[Apply butter or ghee to the entire  tray ]. When the mixture is still hot cut into squares or rectangle or any other design you want.Allow it to cool and store the pieces in a  tight mouthed   container This sweet is really very tasty


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