Muthore is a  very healthy  and tasty evening snack liked by every body.There are many methods of preparation of this snack. One such method is Benne or Butter Muthore;

STEP[1];-[1];- Main ingredients required are given below;-

[a];-Rice flour;-600 gms;

[b];-Bengal gram flour[channa flour];-200 gms;

[c];-Butter;-Three  table spoons ;;

[d];-Hing;-1/2 a teaspoon;

[e];-Salt to taste;

[f];- Any veg. oil for deep frying;-Half a litre;

[g];-Muthore maker with three starred attachment;

STEP;-[2];- Method of preparation;-

Take a wide mouthed bowl;Mix rice flour and bengal gram flour together.Add butter ,hing , required amount of salt to this mixture.and mix well. Now add sufficient quantity of water to make soft dough.

Put veg. oil for frying and heat it in a medium flame.Now take the mould  with three starred attachment ;Take a small amount of dough and place it inside the maker.Now place  the other mould which is used to press the dough.By holding the twomsides on  the top  of the mould, press the dough ,directly on the top of the frying oil,rotating in a round shape.and deep fry till it becomes golden brown. Take out the fried muthore and transefer to a steel bowl,with paper towels to  be dried. Prepare all the muthores in the same manner  and after they are completely dried, keep them in a closed lid container . Now crispy, tasty and yummy butter muthore is ready to eat.This snack can  also be prepared during any festive seasons like Deepavali,Srikrishna jayanthi; Navarathri festival etc.



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