step [one];-


[A];-Plain rice; parboild rice; and dosa rice[selam rice,which is available in India,]or[ even available in Indian stores];-each 200 ml.[1;1;1]

[B];-Black gram daal;-one cup

[C];-Methi seeds;-one table spoon

[D];-One handfull of poha;

[E];-Two hand full of puffed rice[KADALE PURI IN KANNADA]



Soak three types of rice in a bowl   in  water and urad daal  in  another bowl; separately.for two-three hours  and then grind  them  with poha and puffed rice ,into a fine batter adding enough water, in a wet grinder,[ rice and daal, separately;]and mix all of them together well,This should be done in the previous night itself.

In the next morning, before preparing Dosas,add one cup of thick curd  and one cup of plain rice flour to this batter .Add required ammount of salt powder, to the batter and mix swell.

>  Heat a non-stick pan or  dosa tawa in a medium flame ,and put some oil and  pour a ladle of the batter and then  spread it on the pan to a round shape [one cm. thick.],; Pour some oil arround Dosa , and when one side is done, turn it onto the otherside ,Take out from the pan and put this Dosa in a steel plate. PrepareDosas like this. While serving, in a plate put two dosas one top of the other,applying a teaspoonfull of ghee on each Dosa and serve with cabbage chutney chutney or coconut chutney.




                                                            METHOD OF PREPARATION OF CABBAGE DOSA OR CABBAGE PANCAKE.

 When i was  California,America, in the year 2004 ,i came to know about this special type of Dosa variety, which my daughter,Neela, used to prepare  one of the  weekends.I found this dosa very tasty , healthy and easy to make After returning to Bangalore,where i live ,i tried this Dosa, many times and evrybody in my house liked  it very much,The ingrediants and the method of preparation is given below;-


   >Rice;-300 ml.

 >Cabbage cut into small pieces;-two cups;
>Ginger;-2” one piece grated.
>Green chillies;-3-4 ;
>Red chillies;-7-8
>Coriander seeds ;-two table spoons.
>Urad dhal;-one teaspoon.
>Tamarind;-one lemon ball size.
>Hing;-1/4 teaspoon.
>Coconut scrappings or powder[Availble in Indian stores or any food world];- one bowl.
>Curry leaves;-10-15 leaves cut into small pieces
>Onion;-2 cut into small pieces
Method of Preparation;-
>Soak rice in the previous night itself.
> In the next morning, take a kadai, and fry coriander seeds, urad dhal, red chillies, curry leaves and grind with coconut gratings,with enough water to make thick paste.
>Heat a Tawa, to make  Dosas,in a medium flame,and pour about



       We can make this rice bath for morning breakfast or if some guests arrive suddenly,it can be prepared within half an hour.This is very easy  to make,and is very, very tasty, and healthy too.
       Main ingredients required to make this ricebath for four people, are;-
>Stuffed rice[avalakki, thick variety];- 300ml.;
>Blackgram dal;-100 ml.
>Red chillies;-Eight to ten.
>Cinnamun sticks;-3” –two in numbers.
>Hing or Asafoetida;-2 pinches
>Dry coconut powder;-one cup
>Milk;- two cups;
>Cashew nuts;-15-20.
>curry leaves;-ten in numbers.
 >Urad dal papad or sabudan papad for mixing.
>Salt to taste


[Step;-one];- Heat a kadai or thick bottomed pan in a medium flame ,and in a two table spoons of any veg oil, fry, Urad dal, two-three red chillies,cinnamun sticks, few curry leaves till dal becomes golden brown.Transefer to a steel plate and allow it to cool to the room temperature.Then in dry grinder ,powder the fried ingredients coarsely.and keep this powder in a separate bowl
[Step two.];-In the same pan, heat three tablespoons of ghee,and fry five to six papads or sabudan papads and keep them in a separate bowl with tissue paper,to remove excess fat from the papads..
[Step.three.];-Wash stuffed rice well in running waterand allow the water to go out. Then soak the rice in milk,for two minutes and keep this aside.for another three minutes.
[Step.four];-Take the kadai or thick bottomed pan and heat .in a medium flame,add the remaing ghee ,to the pan, put mustard seeds,and let the seeds splutter.Now add one tablespoon of Urad dal, one table spoon of chana dal, 5-6 red chillies,few curry leaves, and  to this add soaked stuffed rice and saute . Add required ammount of salt, hing, to this,and mix well. Now add dry coconut powder , mix well again
[Step five.];- Heat the pan again, put some ghee or any veg. oil, fry cashewnuts about 15-20 nuts made into small pieces.and add to the Rice bath . season with papad  pieces[Papads should be broken into pieces   by hand and   should be spread evenly on the top]Now  hot urad dal rice bath is ready to serve.


Chapathi with Chole Matore

Dishes, whether they are from the North or the South are prepared  fresh and in a very scientific way to make them really tasty, healthy and suited for all types of  people.People in the northern part tend to use more ghee for their recipes and their foods are more spicy, where as in the south use vegetable oil. Chappathi‘s , Poories are most commonly prepared  dishes all over India as they are easily digestable , very healthy and goes with  any type of side dish.



  • Wheat flour  ;-500 gms;,
  • Maida  or all purpose flour[available in iIndian stores],
  • Warm water to make dough,
  • Salt,
  • Vegetable oil

Method of Preparation

In a wide mouthed  steel vessel, take 500 gms of wheat flour and add two to three table spoons oil, and required quantity of salt. Add warm water to the  mixture  and mix them well to make a dough .Kneed well  for two minutes to make the dough soft.Divide the dough into small portions approx. to the size of big lemon and roll out each balls using a roller ,to make round shaped chappathi.

Heat Tawa in a medium flame  and place the prepared dough on the tawa. When half done apply any veg. oil or ghee  on the top and flip it over to the other side until the other side is done. Stores the prepared chapathi’s  in an air-tight container.

Chole Matore


  • Kabuli channa;-200 gms
  • Onions;-grated–one cup
  • Tomatoes;-3-4 cut into small pieces;
  • Potatoes;-2;  boiled and and outer skin removed,and cut into small cubes;
  • Coconut milk;- one cup;
  • Grated ginger;-one teaspoon;
  • Channa masala powder;-1 and a half table spoon; (Chat masala gives a different flavour but you could give it a try!)
  • Green chillies;-2-3 cut into small pieces;
  • Tomato puree;-one cup
  • Coriander leaves;- cut into small leaves;-one cup;
  • Red chilli powder;- one teaspoon;
  • Butter;-100 gms.

 Method of preparation

Soak Kabuli channa over night in a vessel with one litre of water; Cover with a lid.

Cook channa in a pressure cooker in a high flame(3-4 whistles).Allow it to cool.

Heat  a pan or Kadai, put some veg oil ,and when it is hot put some mustard seeds .When the seeds splutter, add onion pieces,and when the onion  are  fried, add tomato pieces,,ginger gratings green chillies[, cut into small pieces] saute, Now add  one cinnamun stick about 2” long  and saute .Now add tomato puree and red chilli powder,channa masala powder, salt . After the mixture are well cooked, add cooked channa, separating water from it. Cook well, if necessary add little water in which channa was cooked. Add salt, if you want you can add little sugar, Now lower the flame and let channa masala cook for some time. Now add butter;-100 gms and stir well. cook till butter melts. Turn off the gas , and transefer the dish into another steel vessel. Season with coriander leaves.

[To make coconut milk, Grate the fresh coconut piecesby means of grater, and grind in a wet grinder by adding 2 cups of water. Take out coconut water by means of strainer,and store in a cup.] and serve with hot chappatties.

Venn Pongal & Sweet Pongal

These healthy, Pongal varities are specially made for  morning breakfast  on any holidays  particularly on  sundays, as these dishes are very tasty and stomach full which everybody likes .

METHOD OF PREPARATION OF SWEET PONGAL;-Main ingredients required  ;-[a];-Rice;-200 gms.; [b];-Green gram dhal;-50 gms [c];–Jaggery;powdered-150 gms[1and a half cup]

 [d];- dry coconut powder;-2 handfull; [e];–Ghee;-150 gms;  Cashew nut pieces;–half a cup[15 nuts]  Cardamom powder;-3/4 teaspoon .

 METHOD OF PREPARATION ;–Wash rice  well,  Heat a kadai in a medium flame dry roast greengram dhal until itbecomes golden brown colour.Mix both rice and dhal together and keep them aside;  Heat a pressure cooker and pour enough water in it. Now take a wide  mouthed bowl  put the rice mixture ; pour 600 ml. water and dry coconut powder, turmeric powder ;and 2 tablespoons of ghee into it;Now Close the lid and  cook  for 20 minutes.after putting weight.Allow it to cool.

  Now heat a kadai,fry cashewnut pieces in two tablespoon of ghee.Transfer to a small bowl;In the same kadai, put the jaggery powder,and 100 gms of water,boil till the liquid becomes   thread consistency. Add the cooked rice mixture ,remaining ghee,cardamom powder;fried cashewnut pieces  and mix well.Now go on  stirring  the mixture till   nice aroma appears..Now turn off the gas and serve hot..

  [B];-MAIN INGREDIENTS REQUIRED TO PREPARE VENN PONGAL;-[a]; Rice;-200 gms-   [b];-Green gram dhal;-100 gms; [c];–Dry coconut powder;-one cup;

[d]Black pepper and Jeera;one tablespoon each; [e];- Turmeric powder;-1/4 teaspoon. [f];-salt ;- accordingly  .[g];-Hing;-1/4 teaspoon. [h];Giger gratings;-[optional];one teaspoon.

  Ghee;-  150 gms..

   Method;-  Pressure cook the rice and dhal mixture as in  the method of preparation of sweet pongal, .and let it cool.

 Heat a kadai, put two table spoons of ghee, fry cashenut pieces, pepper  , jeera, add turmeric powder,coconut gratings,, ,one teaspoon of ginger gratings,  add the cooked rice mixture  and stir well. Add required quantity of salt, hing and remaining quantity of ghee and cook well till it becomes thick.Serve hot with sweet pongal.

Rice Idli and Mixed vegetable Sambhar.

At home we usually prepare mixed vegetable Sambhar for our Lunch. But this can also  be prepared as a side dish, which goes well even with Chappattis, puries ,parattas and ,all types of Idlis,and even for  making Masala upma,  by adding the sambhar thus prepared while making Upma, which will be  very, very tasty.

Main Ingredients required  for making Sambhar are;- [1];-   Toor dhal[Tur dhal];- 1 1/2 cup and Moong dhal;-One cup;

 Mixed vegetables like Beans;-1/ into 2” lengthwise;, carrots;-1/ into 3-4 pieces and each piece again cut into 2”sized piece

    Gajar[Hindi] Carrot [ kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.].

     Aloo or potataoes ;-cut each potato into small cubes of 2”size.;-Three-four potatoes.[Aloo gadde;-kannada;Urulaikkizangu;;[Tamil][Ullipayalu[Telugul]

Peas;- one bowl

Drum sticks;-Two- three cut into 6-7 equal pieces and then each piece again cut into 3” sized piece.

 Cucumber;-First you have to cut small piece from both sides of the vegetable , about 1/2 an inch thick and rub on both sides from the cut pieces, to remove foam like liquid out of the vegetable; which is bitter.and then cut it lengthwise into four pieces and again cut each piece into 2” cubes

Pumpkin;-Half a kilo;-First peel off the thick skin of the veg. by means of a peeler or sharp knife.,Then cut into small cubes of 2” X 3”[Approximately,25 pieces.

You can even  add knol-khol-Two-Three in numbers; Capsicum[Red , green and yellow.]; Onions;-3-4; Tomatoes;-5-6

Method of preparation;-

  To prepare Sambhar about one and a half litre,use any of the above 4-5 vegetables;       [b];-Tamarind pulp;-two -threetablespoons, or according to taste,         [c];-salt;as per required;    [d];-coconut gratings;-half a cup; and dry coconut powder Kobri] powder; [available in any Indian stores; -Half a cup;      [e];– Sugar or jaggery[optional];-1 table spoon,   [f];-    Hing;-1 pinch or 1/4 teaspoon;  [g];–Curry leaves for seasoning; 10-15 leaves;     [h];-Mustard seeds ;- one teaspoon   [I];–;Ghee;-two -three table spoons.

 Spices to be fried;–Coriander seeds;-two table spoons;

                                   Bengal gram or channa dhal;- one table spoon, Black gram dhal or Urad dhal;- 1/2 a table spoon;

                                   Methi seeds;-one  teaspoon;  Cumin seeds;-one and a half teaspoon;

                                   Cinnamun sticks[Lavanga pattai [Tamil] ;Dhalchinni patte[Kannada] ; Lavang [ Hindi]

                                 Curry leaves;–8-10 leaves also to be fried along with spices. [one;-]Heat a kadai in a medium flame and fry all the above spices with two table spoons of any veg. oil till aroma appears; After cooling , grind this mixture along with coconut gratings and dry coconut powder, in a wet grinder by adding  enough water to make  a smooth paste. Transefer this  to a small bowl.Keep this aside;[Two];Heat a pressure cooker and add enough water[one litre]-and cook all the  above mentioned vegetables along with toor dhal and moong dhal[ mixed]   Close the lid and put weight, and pressure cook forfor 20 minutes till  two- three whistles.come. [Three];- After cooling , take out the cooked dhals ,with vegetables,and transefer this into a medium sized steel bow, -to prepare approximately  one and a half litre sambhar, and cook in a medium flame, Add Tamarind pulp; salt and ground paste, and allow them to cook for two -three minutes; Add [if necessary] small piece of jaggery or one teaspoon of sugar for taste;[optional] Add One and a half tablespoon of ghee  while still the sambhar is boiling.. After it is done , take a small pan, add 1/2 a teaspoon of ghee and add mustard seeds and hing,and  heat in a low flame, otherwise whole thing will start burning; Turn off the gas and add this to the prepared sambhar. Season with remaining curry leaves. Mixed veg. Sambhar is ready to serve along with Idli, as a side dish.


RICE IDLI – Method 2

Second Method of preparation of Rice Idli;-

Main Ingredients;-Par boiled rice;[Kusubalakki[Kannada];Uppudu biyyam[Telugu]Javvarshi[Tamil]-250 grms;and   Ordinary Rice;-250 grms.[Available in Indian stores;]

Black gram daal[urad daal[Hindi];–200 grms.[Uddina bele in kannada];[Uddi belalu[Telugu];;[Uluthum paruppu[Tamil]

Baking soda;-Half a teaspoon

Thick yoghurt;–1oogms.

Tapioca;-Sabudhan[Hindi] ;-2 handfull;Sabbakki[kannada];Javvarshi[Tamil];[Saggu bhiyyam [Telugu]

Method;- Soak Par boiled; Ordinary rice,in a bowl for 5-6 hours;Urad dal  in a separate bowl for 4 hours;Sago for one hour before grinding;

Grind soaked two types of  rice coarsely,along with sago in a wetgrinder,and transefer the batter into a separate vessel;Grind soaked dal  by adding enough water to a smooth paste.Then mix all the batter well and keep this covered with a lid overnight,to get formented;Prepare Idlis in the same manner as in the first method,and serve with  hot Sambhar or chutney.The Idlis prepared are very fluffy[soft] and easily digestable.


This recipe is a traditional south Indian recipe mainly prepared for breakfast . Not only that, this recipe is done during marriages for  morning breakfast along with sambar and chutneys.Many sweets are also served along with this.

MAIN INGREDIENTS REQIRED TO PREPARE IDLIS[RICE CAKES];—– METHOD [1];-;-Idli Rava[Available in Indian stores] and local provision stores.;-500 gms.

Black gram dhal;-200gms;

Thick yoghurt;-2 cups;

Salt  as per required[Approximately 1-2 teaspoon;]

Idli steaming cooker with  vessels[with molded depressions for pouring batter]

Soak both Idli Rava and black gram dhal in separate bowls for 3-4 hours  ;Remove excess water from soaked Rava and transefer to a steel vessel;Wash soaked dhal well and grind this to a smooth paste.and add to the soaked rava.Add thick yoghurt or curd  and salt  to this batter and keep this overnight. See that this batter should not over spilled from the vessel.See that the batter is well fermented.

Heat Idli steaming cooker,by adding enough water [1 litre] Take Idli stand  with molds with depression to pour Idli batter and ,and grease each pan with little oiland fill each of them with 3/4ths of batter  and insert this in the Idli  cooker and pressure cook in a medium flame for about 20 minutes. Do not put weight.

To test the well cooked Idlis,after 15-20 minutes  you insert  the sharp end of a spoon in one of the Idlis on top.It will not stick to the spoon,if it is cooked.

Use a butter knife to remove all Idlis from the Pans.Serve with a side dish,;-Mixed veg. sambhar or Avial[A tasty dish