Yellow gram or toordhal, we usually, use for making sambhars and Rasams, can also be used to make chutneys and to add to other ingredients for making Dosas, because  it contains lot of proteins, which is required for body buildup in human beings.


The main ingredients required  to prepare this chutney;-

>[a];-Toor dhal;-250 ml.;

>[b];-Dry coconut powder available in Indian stores;-250 ml. Or you can use fresh coconut gratings;

>[c];-Curry leaves;-10-15 leaves;

>[d];-Red chillies;-8-10;

>[e];- Hing;-2 pinches.

>[f];-Tamarind;- One lemon ball size;

>[g];-Ginger;-one inch piece.

>[h];- Salt as per required;

>[i];- Any vegetable oil;-Three table aspoon full;

>[j];-Jaggery powder;-one table spoon[optional]


 Preparation method;-

Heat a pan in medium flame and put  some oil  and fry toor dhal, curry leaves , chillies,, till fine aroma appears.Transefer to a steel bowl;

In a wet grinder add the above fried ingredients,and coconut powder, Tamarind, Hing , salt,and ginger and  grind the mixture to  make chutney, by adding enough water.This chutney should be thick.While serving you can add some water to make  little thinner. Serve this chutney with hot Dosas.



                                                                METHOD OF PREPARATION OF CABBAGE CHUNEY.

Cabbages are very good source of  vitamins, particularly, vitamin k,the blood clotting vitamin produced naturally by bacteria in the intestine.They contain vitamin -c, Amino acids;Folic acid;Glutaminic acid[for improvement of Mental conditions; fight against depression],They help in controlling weight reduction also.

   We can prepare many recipes with cabbages;like, cabbage Dosa, cabbage kootu,Cabbage pakodas.etc.Yesterday i had been to my brother’s house, to pay a visit, as he was preparing for a trip to Singapur and other places, with his wife ; I wished both of them ‘Bon Voyage’During my stay there, i had learnt how to make Cabbage Chutney, from his Mother-in-law, who is an expert in  cooking, and noted down  the main ingredients and the method of preparation of the same.After returning home i prepared Chutney, which had come out very well.

The main ingredients to make Cabbage chutney are;-

>[a];-Cabbage cut into small pieces;-500gms.

>[b];-coriander seeds;-one handfull;

>[c];-Urad dhal;-two tablespoons.

>[d] Fresh coconut gratings;–300ml.

>[e];-Red chillies;-4-5  or according to the taste

>[f];-Methi seeds;-one teaspoon;.

>[g];-Tamarind;-one lemon ball size;

>[h];-sugar;-one teaspoon;

>[i];-Hing;-one pinch.

Method of preparation of Chutney.;-

Heat a kadai in a medium flame and fry coriander seeds, methi seeds, Urad dhal, red chillies with a tablespoon of any veg. oil.and transefer to a bowl;

>In the same kadai, add one  table spoon of oil , add cabbage pieces,fry well till raw smell goes,and transefer to another bowl;

>To grind;-

    In a dry  grinder, put fried urad dhal, red chillies Coriander seeds , and methi seeds,grind to make powder coarsely,

Now in the wet grinder, put Tamarind, salt,, sugar, coconut gratings, hing  and fried cabbages, and prepared  powder,and grind to make chutney.See if the water is required.

 This chutney is very, very tasty, healthy,and goes well with Dosas, Idlis, puries, and chappattis.






step [one];-


[A];-Plain rice; parboild rice; and dosa rice[selam rice,which is available in India,]or[ even available in Indian stores];-each 200 ml.[1;1;1]

[B];-Black gram daal;-one cup

[C];-Methi seeds;-one table spoon

[D];-One handfull of poha;

[E];-Two hand full of puffed rice[KADALE PURI IN KANNADA]



Soak three types of rice in a bowl   in  water and urad daal  in  another bowl; separately.for two-three hours  and then grind  them  with poha and puffed rice ,into a fine batter adding enough water, in a wet grinder,[ rice and daal, separately;]and mix all of them together well,This should be done in the previous night itself.

In the next morning, before preparing Dosas,add one cup of thick curd  and one cup of plain rice flour to this batter .Add required ammount of salt powder, to the batter and mix swell.

>  Heat a non-stick pan or  dosa tawa in a medium flame ,and put some oil and  pour a ladle of the batter and then  spread it on the pan to a round shape [one cm. thick.],; Pour some oil arround Dosa , and when one side is done, turn it onto the otherside ,Take out from the pan and put this Dosa in a steel plate. PrepareDosas like this. While serving, in a plate put two dosas one top of the other,applying a teaspoonfull of ghee on each Dosa and serve with cabbage chutney chutney or coconut chutney.



                                                            MARVELLOUS MANGOE DISHES.

Mangoes are much loved by everyone.It is a wonderful seasonal and   very popular fruit,It is called the KING of the fruits It deserves all the good titles that come in its way, because it is very delicious. In india, many varieties of mangoes are grown almost in all parts of the country.They are even exported to other countries, like Canada, U.S.A, England.etc.,because of its delicious taste. Many dishes are made from  the ripe mangoes   deserts,[Seekarane in kannada] Juices, Fruit salads,, Milk shakes, Jams,jellies, Marmallades, Gojju,and mango icecreams, etc.And many dishes are made from raw mangoes like pickles ,chutneys,Mango rice,and even mango papad.They have become very famous , almost all over the world.Some of the examples are;-Alphanza ,from north[costliest], Badami,Neelam Thothapuri mangoes fro south.etc.
My  husband would bring   both types of mangoes, almost daily in this season,.to make mango dishes from raw mangoes and ripe fruits to eat.Here are some of the famous dishes i have prepared at home ,some from learning from others and some from own .First i will make simple desert, from  ripe mangoes. This dish can be served as a side dish for chappattis , Dosas, or puris
Ingrediants required are;-
* one cup ripe mango pieces;
*two cups milk.;
*Two table spoon sugar,;
Cardomom powder;-2 pinches.
  Method of preparation;-In a wet grinder, grind part of the  mango pieces well, without adding anything. Now in a separate steel bowl, take milk and add sugar to it.and mix well.Now add the paste.and cardamom powder,Now  add the remaining mango pieces to this mixture. and sqish with fingers . This should be thick.Serve with chappattis as a side dish. This is very tasty desert.

Mango Rice and Chutney

Mango Chutney


  • Medium sized mangoes;-Two
  • Coconut gratings; [equal to the  amount of Mango gratings;-i.e  in the ratio of [ 1;1]]
  • Methi Seeds;-one teaspoon.
  • Red chillies;-10-15 or as per the taste.
  • Hing(Asoefetida) ;- 1/2 a teaspoon.
  • Salt as per required.
  • Mustard seeds;- 1 teaspoon.
  • Curry leaves  for seasoning.
  • Any veg. oil;-one table spoon.
  • Turmeric powder;-One teaspoon

Method of Preparation

Wash the mangoes well in the running water. Grate them in the grater and set aside in a separate bowl.Grate the coconut and set them aside in another bowl.

Now heat a pan; put one table spoon of  Vegetable oil.When the oil becomes hot add mustard seeds and turmeric powder. Let the seeds splutter.Now add mango gratings and Hing to this and saute for two minutes.

In a separate pan dry roast red chillies, adding little oil, in a low flame. Take out from the pan, and keep them in a separate plate. in the same pan, add the methi seeds and dry roast them till they become brown.

In a wet grinder first grind roasted methi seeds , then red chillies ,grind them together,to get fine paste. Now add both gratings,,mixed together,add salt, hing.and grind them coarsely.  Transfer this chutney to  a separate bowl. In a pan, heat some oil,add mustard seeds and curry leaves and season with chutney.

Mango Rice


  • Cooked rice;-4 cups;
  • Mango chutney;- one cup.
  • Roasted groundnuts;- one cup;
  • Any veg. oil;- 1/2 a cup.
  • Mustard seeds;- one teaspoon;
  • Turmeric powder;- 1/2 a teaspoon;
  • Channa dal and Urad daal;- one table spoon each.
  • Curry leaves,;- 8-10.
  • Red chillies;- 4-5;
  • Hing;- 1/2 a teaspoon
  • per required [ as there is salt in the chutney itself,  a little quantity is enough to be added.ties, poories, and dosas.etc.

 Method of Preparation

In a heavy bottomed kadai, put  veg. oil and heat in a medium flame. When oil is heated, put mustard seeds, and when the seeds start spluttering, add, channa dal, urad dal, turmeric powder,hing, curry leaves and red chillies. When it is done, add roasted grondnuts,rice and chutney,.Mix them well, turning them over and over until they all mixed well.Keep this on the gas stove for one minute. and turn off the gas and serve hot.


Main Ingredients 

  1. Fully riped Tomatoes – 1 kg.
  2. Onion – 1 to 2
  3. Cinnamon bark – 1 (roughtly 2” in w/h)
  4. Garlic cloves -5-6
  5. Jeera – Half a teaspoon
  6. Grated ginger- 1 teaspoon
  7. Red chilli powder -1 teaspoon
  8. Cardamom powder -1/2 a teaspoon;
  9. Sugar -5-6 tablespoons or 1 and half a cup.
  10. Salt to taste;
  11. Cloves (Lavang) -1-2
  12. Apple sider vinegar;-[A.C.V.];-40ml.

Method of Preparation

Wash Tomatoes properly and cut them into small pieces. In a thick bottomed vessel, cook for about 10 minutes until the skins start to curt.Transfer them to a separate bowl, peel off the skins and churn them.In a pan put some oil and fry onions till  they become tender. Grind the cooked tomato and fried onions in a mixer and filter them through a sieve so that only the thick juice will be collected in a container.Now in a muslin cloth, bundle Garlic, cloves, Jeera, Cinnamon and Cardamom and tie with a thread.

Transfer the juice from the container into a thick botttomedkadaiand cook on  medium fire.Keeping the bundle immersed in the cooking  juice add salt , sugar, vinegar and red chilli powder to it. When the batter in the kadai starts thickening,remove the bundle and continue cooking in a low flame for two minutes. Take out the prepared ketchup from the  the kadai and cool it  in a room temperature.

Ginger , gharlic ,, jeera cloves,and Apple sider vinegar are all added to make the fried dish, easily digestable.That too we are not adding  any  as this  preservatives into this,We can store in a refrigerator for at least one week.

If you want to store this ketchup, you have to add a pinch of  sodioum benzoate or Acetic acid [, which are available in grocey stores or in the local markets], to it and an airtight jars Care should bd taken .,when we open the jar,the ketchup should not get spilled,because it is subjected to degradation,by micro organisms, which cause many diseases..After taking ketchup from the bottle , immediately close the lid and clean the bottle thoroughly. and store in a refrigerator.

Cucumber Chutney

In the first photo,[spices are not visible clearly;];-In the centre;-three table spoons of coriander seeds ;and black  til,on the top; tamarind ;jaggery and red chillies can be viewed;    [2];;–Cucumber cut into lengthwise,;ground paste;and mixed pulipachadi.


This side dish  is very tasty and healthwise, it is verygood.and easily digestable.due to its  ingredients.

Main ingredients are;–Cucumber;-one.

For grinding;–Coriander seeds;-3 tablespoons;

[b]Black gram dhal;-1 1/2 table spoon;[one and a half

[c];-Red chillies;–7-8

[d];-Black til;–1 table spoon;

[e];–Coconut gratings;–2-3 table spoons;

[f];–Tamarind;–One big lemon size;

[g];-Jaggery;–same amount as tamarind;

[h];-Hing;-1-2 pinches

Water to be added to grind;


Cut cucumber into very small pieces[kosumbery;-half a cm thick; and  one inch lengthwise and transefer  this to  a bowl;

Heat a kadai, in a medium flame ,and put  2 table spoons of  any veg oil and fry urad dhal[blackgram],redchillies,til[black] coriander seeds;  till aroma appears and dhal, fried .

In a mixie, after fried spices get cooled,   grind   with tamarind,and jaggery,and coconut gratings and hing ,  coarsely by adding half a cup of water and transefer to a small bowl;Now mix cucumber pieces and ground paste and serve with chappatti,poories; and rice;