This sweet  a special one which i tried at home about one month back and which came out very well . Now  i want to prepare this sweet  for this year Deepavali festivalalso.

The main ingredients for the preparation are as follows;-

>[a];- Condensed milk or Milk maid [available in Tins in all Indian stores ]

 >[b];-Cocoa powder;-two table spoons

>[c];-Sugar;-200gms or according to taste


>[e];-Dry coconut powder;-two tablespoon

>[f]Dry fruits like pista, badam,  [all 10-12 in numbers]cut into small pieces and dry grapes[12]

>[g];-cardamom powder;-one teaspoon;

>[e];-Kesari or saffron;- 7-8 petals or colour 1/4 teaspoon.

>[f];-Cardamom powder;-1/4 teaspoon

>[g];-water;-one cup to dissolve sugar.

>[h];-Dry fruits mixture  like pista, badam , cashewnuts [cut pieces] and drygrapes;-2-3 tablespoons.


Take a non-stick pan and heat in a low flame. Add half a cup of water and sugar. Allow sugar to dissolve completely. Now remove the contents from the milk maid tin and pour entire milkmaid into the boiling syrup and add cocoa powder about two tablespoons to this mixture,Go on stirring with a wooden stick . Now add butter about four hundred gms. and go on  stirring continuousely, till the mixture becomes golden brown.In the meanwhile fry cut pieces of dry fruits along with dry grapes till they become light brown. See that they are not over fried.Add this to the cooking mixture  and mix well.When the mixture, starts leaving the corners , take it out and transefer to a  greased  tray[Apply butter or ghee to the entire  tray ]. When the mixture is still hot cut into squares or rectangle or any other design you want.Allow it to cool and store the pieces in a  tight mouthed   container This sweet is really very tasty


MANGO RECIPES;-[3];-Raw mango juice.

                         I have tried making juices in various types of fruits,including Mango.I thought why i should not try  to make juice from raw mangoes.Any how lots of raw mangoes are left unutttended.As soon as i desided , i began my experiment.and the juice had  come out well, though not like juice from ripe mangoes.This was how i prepared.
 * Main ingrediants;-3-4 raw mangoes , cut into small pieces, discarding seeds.
>Water ;-,to cook  the mango pieces.
>1/2 a teaspoon cumin powder.[Jeera,]or chat masala powder.
>3/4 teaspoon salt.
>1/4 teaspoon redchillipowder[optional]
>3 tablespoons  sugar.
>2 tablespoons chopped mint leaves.
>Required quantity of Ice cubes.[crushed]
> Method. ;–Wash mangoes well in running water and cut them into small pieces after drying in a towel, and put them into the required amount of  water and cook them in a medium flame, till they become soft.
> .Remove from the gas and ,Allow the cooked mangoes to cool.
> Then grind them in  a wet grinder and filter the juice.Place the juice in a steel  bowl.
>To this add sugar, little salt, jeera or chat masala powder and mix well.
>Add enough water , red chilli powder, if you want, and whisk thoroughly.
>Add chopped mint leaves.[2-3 table spoons]stir well again,
>Add crushed ice cubes
>. Pour this juice in a glass and serve.

Another method  which one of my aunts told , when i served this juice,after tasting it, I have given that method also.

>  Take 4-5  Medium sized Raw mangoes and place them with water to cover in a sauce pan and bring to boil in a medium flame.
> Simmer for 10-15 minutes.
>Drain off the water. Peel the outer skin and remove the pulp by means of a spoon  and place the pulp in a deep bowl, discarding seeds.
>Add, water , sugar, little salt, cumin powder, little redchilli powder to give different taste to the juice.
> Whisk thoroughly.
>Stir well and  add, mint leaves and whisk again,.
> Pour the juice in a glass and serve with crushed ice cubes in the juice.



When i was young, i regularly used to visit a Gujarathi family,of a husband and wifewho lived next to my grandma’s house, because of the tasty dishes ,aunty used to prepare,She would called me and my brother,when ever she prepared a special dish, because she had no kids of her own.We used to taste and give good certificate in our own words.That was enough for her. We didn’t know that language,[ but ofcourse, later we learnt from her.]She had learnt Kannada language from her bai[maid servant,]tried to speak little by little, with us.
She used to explain the method of preparation ,of the recipes she made.I used to like ”srikhand”,a sweet dish made from thick yoghurt and sugar, which she liked to prepare quite often..Once i learnt any type of dish i never forget.I modified the dish by adding mango pulp to it, which my hubby and children liked very much .
The main ingredients required to make  the above dish are ;-
* Yoghurt;-200 gms;
*Sugar;-600 gms.
*Mango pulp;–one cup;from two ripe mangoes.
*Cardamom, powder;- 2 pinches or 1/4 teaspoon
*cashew nuts,  cut into small pieces fried in a table spoon of ghee, to be added later.
 *Nutmeg[Jaypal; in hindi, Jaajikai, in kannada.and Tamil,l] Hard Dry  fruit.with a seed in side.Break this into half and powder along with sugar.
*Saffron;-6-7 flowers or 1/2 a teaspoonmof powder.
METHOD OF PREPARATION;–Wash Mangoes  well and remove the skins by a peeler.Take the pulp, and discard the seeds. and transefer to a steel bowl.Keep this aside.
Next step is, How to prepare Srikhand?
Remove thick yoghurt from the container[Yoghurt is available in almost all . indian stores in U.S.A and other Countries. ]
In a dry grinder, grind  sugar to make nice powder.Mix this powder with yoghurt,and saute well using palm.Now  add mango pulp,cardamom powder,nutmeg powder, saffron colour and mix well . Refrigerate this mixture for one hour before serving. Serve this dish along with Chappattis. Or you can eat as it is. This is very, very Yummy, Yummy and , Tasty.Tasty.


                                                            MARVELLOUS MANGOE DISHES.

Mangoes are much loved by everyone.It is a wonderful seasonal and   very popular fruit,It is called the KING of the fruits It deserves all the good titles that come in its way, because it is very delicious. In india, many varieties of mangoes are grown almost in all parts of the country.They are even exported to other countries, like Canada, U.S.A, England.etc.,because of its delicious taste. Many dishes are made from  the ripe mangoes   deserts,[Seekarane in kannada] Juices, Fruit salads,, Milk shakes, Jams,jellies, Marmallades, Gojju,and mango icecreams, etc.And many dishes are made from raw mangoes like pickles ,chutneys,Mango rice,and even mango papad.They have become very famous , almost all over the world.Some of the examples are;-Alphanza ,from north[costliest], Badami,Neelam Thothapuri mangoes fro south.etc.
My  husband would bring   both types of mangoes, almost daily in this season,.to make mango dishes from raw mangoes and ripe fruits to eat.Here are some of the famous dishes i have prepared at home ,some from learning from others and some from own .First i will make simple desert, from  ripe mangoes. This dish can be served as a side dish for chappattis , Dosas, or puris
Ingrediants required are;-
* one cup ripe mango pieces;
*two cups milk.;
*Two table spoon sugar,;
Cardomom powder;-2 pinches.
  Method of preparation;-In a wet grinder, grind part of the  mango pieces well, without adding anything. Now in a separate steel bowl, take milk and add sugar to it.and mix well.Now add the paste.and cardamom powder,Now  add the remaining mango pieces to this mixture. and sqish with fingers . This should be thick.Serve with chappattis as a side dish. This is very tasty desert.


Ice creams are available in many flavors;-vanilla, mango, strawberry, etc in many ice cream shops and markets; and ,in various forms   like cupsand sizes, from smaller ones to bigger ones and family packs. Of these icecreams, vanilla flavored  icecream is the best.In this flavor, family pack is also  available;;To make fruit salad with this ice cream, which is very , very delicious,  ;–;  we need[1]];- mixed fruit salad which we prepared already[. we can even add  strawberry, catalope fruit;[Karabhooja in kannada, telugu and Tamil]  cut into small pieces].Thick skins of the fruit should be peeled off by a peeler or knife. and the seeds should also be removed .Make sure that you should not get hurt your fingers in this process. ;                      Next step is to  prepare thick custard milk thus;- [2];-We need four cups of milk about 500ml; In one cup of milk, mix two teaspoons of vanilla custard powder and start boiling  in a low flame. Go on stirring and make sure that no lump is formed,  till the mixture becomes like Dosa consistency. Turn off the gas,and allow it to cool to a room temperature.Now keep this custard milk in a refrigerator for half – one hour or  as per your convenient time .                                                                         Step. no [3]. ;-In a wide mouthed bowl, mix fruit salad,honey[if necessary],Cardamon powder;2 pinches; and some portion of cooled custard milk, and mix well.Before serving in each plate put one cup of fruit salad, two table spoons of custard milk,and let them spread evenly,Now .Season with cherry fruits and serve Now all of .You will be tasting a mouth watering       cool cool  and very delicious  fruit salad with vanilla ice cream for evening snack;



This is  a  summer special which i have tried recently,  which everybody in our house liked very much.I  want to share this sweet recipe  with you all.The main ingredients required to make are;[A]-You can use  fruits like Apple, Guava, Pine apple Oranges, Grapes[seedless Blue, Greenand  Red varities], Bananas, Pomogranate seeds, Water melon cut into small cubes, Kiwi fruit pieces, strawberries and other fruits along with  dry fruits like dates;

[B];-Custard powders available in any Indian stores in many flavours; like vanilla, strawberry,  I have taken Vanilla essence powder.which goes well with this;-Here I have taken vanilla

[C] Honey;-Two-Three table spoons; [D];- Sugar;-One cup[optional];  [E];- Cardamom powder;Milk;- one cup

Method of preparation;- Wash all the fruits in running water,then peel off skins of certain fruits like Bananaa, oranges Thick skin of water melon and cut into small pieces along with other fruits.and transefer them into a steel bowl;Add cardamom powder, Honey, and keep this fruit mixture in the   refrigerator  for one-two hours.

In a small bowl take two tablespoons of  custard powder and mix in two -three cups  of milk and   boil remaining milk in a low flame and while boiling, add this custard powder mixture to this. and go on stirring, till the mixture becomesto a  semi solid state.. Remove from the  gas and allow it to cool . Then keep this also in the refrigerator. Before serving , take out both fruit  mixture and prepared custard milk,mix both  and add cardamom powder   and serve with a spoon.You can add extra honey also to thiswhich will be more tasty.

Health Tips;– * If you feel stomach upset in this season, [a] Drink plenty of water;

*[b];-Drink cold milk[one cup] in an empty stomach,  or one hour before breakfast or lunch.

*[c]Take two  pinches of Cardamom powder along with a tablespoon  of honey.

*[d];-If your gums are aching, take the mixture of two  pinches of  cardamom powder along with salt powder and rub gently with your  forefinger and wash your mouth  with warm salt  water., preferably

* [e];-Even you can wash your mouth with salt water after brushing your teath, [which  can be avoided  tooth decay] both in the morning and night, daily. This will keep your teeth very healthy through out your life. You can avoid going to the dentist, if you practice this daily.This can even be done after eating any sweet things.